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Draft 1 Enmity: Complete

Hello, readers & friends!

Welcome to the first blog post on my shiny new site, all an effort to get you as excited about my debut novel release as I am.

Enmity is something which I’ve had festering in my mind since university, and it’s taken a few years to plan everything out and develop the characters and the scenes to the point where I could begin to write it.

When you have to write but also need that fri-yay feeling.
Starting it was the hardest bit, I think I was afraid it would be terrible or that it would be a waste of time. Ironically I wasn’t big on dystopian fiction before starting the book, so it was a bit like diving into a dark hole and having no clue how to navigate my way around it! 

But once the first chapter was done, I picked up momentum and followed my plan and was able to get it all written in great timing.

This involved writing on my phone during lunch breaks, at the park during heat waves, and every night during chill-time, but it’s been so worth it to see my idea and story come together and I’m so, so excited to have accomplished something I have dreamed about since being little.

 Writing during the heatwave. Yes, my laptop is from the 70s.
I’ve enjoyed (nearly!) every second of writing it, and am planning a sequel as we speak – so stay tuned!

I am not taking a short break while I focus on marketing materials and planning the sequel out before delving back in to pad out my second draft – fresh eyes will be needed to notice any mistakes!

A very unflattering image of the moment I wrote 'END'.
I will be launching a mailing list soon to keep you guys updated, but until then if there’s anything you would like to know then just comment below!

Love, C x

To find out more about Enmity and the plot, click here.


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