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Mid-week Updates: Sequel, Art & Youtube.

 What my mid-week evenings look like - wine and Cosmo articles on books.

Hello friends & readers,

I just wanted to do a little mid-week update as I'm super busy getting everything prepared.

The first super exciting thing to happen is I have comissioned an illustrator to do some character reference art of Maia and Kai, the two protagonists, so you will hopefully have a face to put to the names soon. I was a little overwhelmed choosing the right artist and freelancer, as I want the book (which is really for Young Adults) to appeal to both older and younger alike, so I didn't want it to be too Disney but also too ultra-fantasy-realistic because it may give the illusion that the novel is more fantasy-esque than it really is.

The only thing I can really compare it to is Game of Thrones - there are fantasy-style attributes, but the characters are intended to be relatable and based off real people and events, so the magic is really a plot-enhancer rather than a key theme.

Secondly, after a lot of internal debating on whether to leave it at a single book with an open ending or continue it into a sequel, I had a J.K Rowling-style moment on the train into work where I had sudden inspiration for the entire theme and plotline. I don't want to give much away, but I realised that drawing from more historical events and giving them futuristic twists was the way to go. I don't know anything about war or how to end segregations, so this is the best way to keep it realistic but also offer some closure to the story.

I'm also introducing some interesting new and fiery characters to the second story, having spent the morning creating a rough outline.

This means the next few months will be super busy while I try to juggle the redraft of Enmity, create the first draft of the sequel, and continue to market the series. The 'summer 2018' release date is still my goal, but in order to make sure I release the best possible quality as I can it may be pushed back - I want the sequel to be available 8 weeks after Enmity's release so nobody has to wait too long to find out how the story ends!

I'm also toying with the idea of starting a Booktube channel to help market myself, but my self-consciousness is stopping me - I'm such an introvert and I'm so scared to film myself and put it out there, even if it is just chatting about books! Let me know your thoughts on this!

Lastly, I bought a domain name, so if you want to share my site or wanted an easier-to-remember address, it's now

So that's where I am currently! Hope you are all well also, let me know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to follow me on Twitter or Facebook if you can as I'm updating there too.

Love, C x


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