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My map illustration arrived! It's the most excited I've been, and I'm so happy with the outcome.

I briefed it in carefully, sending the designer my water-colour childlike painting of how it would look. "That's the cutest map I've ever seen!" she said. But obviously cute isn't what I was going for, and it also wasn't going to cut it for the book insert. It genuinely looked like a twelve year old had done it.

So here we have it, the north and the south!

The north (The Lornelands) is a technically-advanced nation with a hot climate and strong science and engineering resources.

The south (The Dror) is much more reliant on their natural landscape, the climate much wetter and most of the nation made up of farmland and forests. They have stronger harvest and food resources than the north, but the people are generally less educated.

I hope you like it, let me know your thoughts!

C x


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