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Why a dystopian? Choosing my genre.


Anybody who knows me is probably confused about why I have written a dystopian novel. I myself am included. I have always wanted to write a book, but had always swayed toward comedy x chicklit as my genre of choice, with dozens of cliche unfinished manuscripts saved on my computer - my guilty pleasure derives from weeks abroad spent with Sophie Kinsella.

The idea for Enmity first started festering whilst I was at university doing my degree in Journalism and Politics. As time went on I became more and more invested in the storyline, and this was cemented when Humans of New York did a series in Jordan speaking with Syrian refugees. This bred Kai's storyline for me.

Whilst doing my Masters in Political Marketing and studying the use of propaganda and the results in can achieve in twisting people's mindsets, a sub-theme for my story was solidified. Throw in some futuristic technology and you're almost there.

Magic was all that was left, and in truth I went down the fantasy route with this because I needed something alternative to religion to be the replacement for ethnocentrism.

I wanted to create a world where people of magical heritage represent minority races, beliefs and cultures today. I wanted an antagonist army who are so scary because they are based on real happenings. I wanted a protagonist refugee to open people's eyes to the horrific journeys migrants have endured to reach safety from ISIS. And I wanted a world without government to reflect the fact that current governments, monarchies and country leaders are not doing enough to end the violence happening in countries of anarchy.

For me, the story was born out of my passions and desires to share my opinion without being too political. My Kindle is currently full of dystopians as I tried to research the genre as much as possible, and I hope I have done it some justice.

I can't say whether or not this will be the only dystopian I ever write, but I can safely say it won't be the only book! Stay tuned :)

Love, C x


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