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Affordable Bookstagram Props List

Hello Readers & Friends!

I'm sorry it's been a while since I've posted, I've been so busy getting marketing schedules ready and finishing the final edit of Enmity! I have some exciting things to share with you all soon, so stay tuned!

For today's post I thought I would compile a list of affordable Bookstagram props for anyone wanting to start an account. I have loved making mine, and for anyone who is unsure about giving it a go or thinks it's expensive, I wanted to pull together some options for amazing props to take your photo's to the next level.

Sequins - stars and moons work really well and you can get these for dirt cheap at craft stores

Vintage postcards - These can be picked up at old carboot sales or thrift stores for circa 50p and look nice as a backdrop - if they have writing, even better!

 Books! -  Books are actually the most expensive part of Bookstagramming, particularly if you want the pretty hardback versions or limited edition pieces. But don't worry, you can head to your local library and get all the reads for free

Flowers -  Dried or faux flowers are the best prop and add a lovely element to your photos. Either go out picking in nearby parks and dry them out yourself, or buy a couple of stems for a few quid on Amazon.

Bookmarks - Amazon do the loveliest bookmarks for £2 with fringed ends, and they always look great beside your favourite read.

Pinecones, sticks and branches - Pretend you're five again and go out scavenging in your local park or garden.

Fairylights - Primark and Poundland actually have an amazing host of fairylight options for £1-2.50, I highly recommend them for adding another level of hygge to your pictures.

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Candles - You probably have one already around the house but if not places like TK Maxx do lovely ones for around £5. 

Glasses - If you don't already have these because you have 10/10 eyesight, you can get clear lensed ones from most fashion stores now for around £10 or even cheaper if you head to Amazon and Ebay.

Chopping Board -  Head to Ikea and pick up a chopping board for around £5. The granier and prettier the wood, the better. Use this on your bed as a mini-tabletop for your books and props. 

Artificial plants - Again, Ikea is the best for these. At around £7 you can pick up lovely artificial plants - I like the hanging ones best for draping around my photo's like a frame.

Enamel Pins - A lot of bookish pins are around, and you can find lovely ones for around £7 on Etsy. Primark are also currently doing a host of Harry Potter ones for £3.

Gemstones - Super cheap most places and you can always find them in museum giftshops, I love Gemstones as pretty weights to hold down the pages of a book for a photograph. Circa £3 each.
Mugs - You definitely already have mugs in your home, but if you want bookish themed ones you can get Harry Potter ones in Primark for £5 or a host of cosy-looking mugs on Amazon. If you feel like treating yourself, Urban do beautiful ones for around £12.

Noble Collection Props - The creme de la creme if you have £40 to fork out on Harry Potter memorabilia.

Throws - Nothing adds a little hygge like a supersoft, cosy throw. Fringed ends are a bonus. You can get cheap(ish) ones from places like TK Maxx, but they will still set you back around £20. On the plus, you'll have a cute blanket to snuggle up in for Winter film nights!



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