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Cover Reveal!

The proofing copies of Enmity arrived at my door this weekend and I was SO excited! To be able to finally hold my book in my hand and see all of my hard work in one solid form was really overwhelming, and I'm really excited to be able to share a cover reveal with you.

My cover was designed by Richard Stacey, and we worked really hard to offer as much depth and texture as we could to it. The references I had sent him were all oldschool vintage books with fabric covers and golden embossing and it was important to me that we could replicate this in a new, fresh way.

He created a texture for the green base which offers a worn-in and grungey feel, contrasted by the golden trims which we added gradients to for a shimmery, shiny feel. 

The compass was something I had always envisioned as a sort of emblem to the storyline, and had been briefed in as the central piece for the cover from the start. Richard did a really great job combining the themes of the story into the compass, offering mechanical cogs and astrological symbols for the northern part of the design and then waves, leaves and natural landscape features for the southern part. Stay tuned as this will probably become my next tattoo! (Sorry, dad.)

Overall I am just feeling really emotional and overwhelmed right now to think that it is finally coming together. I can't wait to drink my weight in wine on the 4th of August as it finally hits the golden e-shelves of Amazon.

Love, C x


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