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Enmity Prologue - sneak preview

Photo by Edward Castro from Pexels


A light breeze tickled the grass and sent delicate tufts of dandelion petals into the air. Maia inhaled deeply, the smell of the fresh morning air filling her lungs and clearing her mind. She smiled lazily as she tied her horse to the post at the edge of the field, brushing it’s fur as it chewed on the grass appreciatively.

The early mornings were her favourite time of day. She spent them alone with her horses preparing them for the day ahead. She worked daily, bringing in crops from the surrounding fields for her parents to sell at the market. It was peaceful and meditative, the landscape serene and the routine comfortable. She hummed an upbeat melody to herself as she worked, pleating the horse’s tail absent-mindedly, her nimble fingers working quickly.

Suddenly the horse spooked, tugging manically at the rope and stomping its feet. Maia leapt back quickly to avoid being kicked or trodden on as it hopped on the spot, snorting and grunting, it’s eyes bulging and nostrils flaring. Maia barely had a chance to turn around before a bag was thrown onto her head, blinding her.

She felt strong fingers gripping her arms and restraining her tightly as she thrashed wildly, her horse whinnying screams of distress. Voices were growling in another language, though she could barely hear over the rustling of the bag and the beating of her heart.

Adrenaline surged through her veins.

“Get off me! Get off!” Maia screamed as she twisted and writhed in her captor’s arms. Her foot made contact with a body.

Klaviste!” a deep and angry voice exclaimed in pain.

She would have smirked to herself if she wasn’t in such a panic. The Dror was known as a safe haven, boring even, and law-breaking was rare. Deep down in the pit of her stomach she knew that these men must be from the North, and from the Azgad army.

There had been hushed mutterings around Kelvintown recently, news of more Azgad soldiers travelling south and taking Dror citizens, forcing them to pledge themselves to Than and the belief that science should rule over nature. If you didn’t agree with Than’s regime, you would not return home.

She thrashed more violently and the hands tightened on her, holding her wrists together behind her back as her shoulders pulled in sharp discomfort. She began to lash out with her feet again but someone took hold of them, binding her with strong arms wrapped around her knees.

“Help! Someone, help me!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, knowing her house was too far for her parents to hear her. She couldn’t be taken by the Azgadi. If they found out her secret, she would be dead. Something cold and hard pressed into her back.
She heard an electric sizzle, her body seized, and she blacked out.


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