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The North & South Explained


The northern nation is subject to a strange climate. Humid and hot in the day, but breezy and freezing at nightfall, making it almost impossible for crops and harvest to thrive. It's made up largely of desert space, mountainous terrain and heavily industrial and technologically advanced cities such as Oxpost, Vale of The Iron Hydras and Northcairn. 
The Lornelands are currently under a coup by the Azgad Army, led by Than who believes that science and technology should be prioritized before anything else.

The southern nation is much wetter and cooler than the North, with stunning greenery and landscapes. The people of the south favour a simpler life, with farming and communist living something that all the citizens are deeply invested in. Forests, woodland, meadows and farmland make up the bulk of this nation with a few residential cities such as Maplehelm and Mistgate Keep offering alternative career options, but their technology is far less advanced than the north.


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