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Where I am now: Future book plans

Hello Readers & Friends,

I wanted to do a post letting you all know an update on the progress of Enmity and what I have planned going forwards!

Enmity is finished and good to go pretty much. I have uploaded it for Kindle and it's ready to be launched for pre-orders. The paperback is ruining my life because I used Amazon's template but it removed all my indentations. I don't have time to go through 300+ pages and 85,000 words manually indenting everything that needs to be indented, so have hired a freelancer to do so. Hopefully that will be back in a couple of days and I can upload that and get the proofs through and will be good to go!

So I know you may be wondering : WHEN WILL YOU BE ABLE TO PRE-ORDER?
Well, I have some little envelopes which I am sending out to some influencers and part of that pack is a sneak-preview of the cover. As soon as they receive their sneak-preview I will launch the book for pre-order, but I want them to get it first, before anybody else. So that's what I'm waiting for. But I will be posting them out this week, so stay tuned!

 Next on my to-do list is to rework the sequel, Amity, and complete the first draft of that. I have about 50, 000 words done but a lot of major plot-points have to be re-worked after some drastic changes to the first book during the editing stage.  I am hoping for this to be released towards the end of this year :)

Another Series?
I have had another idea for an urban fantasy series which I am currently mapping out. It is going to require a lot of resesarch as I can't rely on imagination as much as I could with Enmity due to it's modern-day setting. (London!!)
I want to have the planning done for this and am hoping I can write up the first draft of it during Nanowrimo. 
This will hopefully be releasing next year, following Amity and the closure of the Enmity duology.

Thanks for sticking out this journey with me.


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Love, C x


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