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YALC 2018

Yesterday I went to YALC for the first time. I hadn't even known it existed before discovering Bookstagram / bookish communities online, so I had no idea whatsoever on what to expect. Luckily I read some blog posts with tips, so I packed food and water with me and took a backpack, but it was still a SUPER long day and I was hot and sweaty and gross. It was in Kensington, which is one of my favourite parts of London so it was nice. 

Whereas I felt the majority of people there were book-lovers and there to shop and meet authors, I was on a bit of a different wavelength. I really HATE queuing and don't really celebretize writers so I wasn't interested in the signings. What I was really excited about were the talks and workshops, which were really brilliant for any aspiring authors. I heard helpful talks from literary agents, publishers and authors and took my notebook and jotted down a load of tips. It was also really great for meeting other aspiring writers and was a nice motivator to keep on going. 

I was blown away by how friendly everybody was and how open to starting random conversations people were. I am a little bit uncomfortable speaking with strangers and I get a little awkward but people were so friendly it made it all much easier. I had a small bout of anxiety when I (stupidly) decided with my free hour between talks to head down to the film and comic-con floor... It was HEAVING and I couldn't get out once I was in and I was surrounded by people in costumes (I've never understood cosplay or why sober adults like costumes) and loud music and had a little panic, but once I got back up to the book floor there was a 'calm space' with bean bags where you could read so I had a little calm down and then everything was fine again. 

The highlight was seeing Khal Drogo, who walked right past during the talk with Giovanna and Tom Fletcher (yes teenage me was singing McFly in my head on repeat) about Eve Of Man. I was so excited I grabbed the girl beside me and there was a collective gasp from the audience. Giovanna actually stopped speaking and said, 'Who was that handsome man?!' to which she was responded to by screams of 'JASON MOMOA!' 
I can attest that he is just as big and handsome in person as he was in all our dreams. I can speak about the experience in extreme detail to anybody who wants to know. 

I have done a small video with a haul on the things I picked up, as I said I hate queue's so I didn't pick up any ARC copies because I figured my TBR is long enough without adding ARC's in, by the time I got around to them I'd probably be able to buy them anyway so I didn't queue up for any. I didn't buy anything from the 'big stalls' like Waterstones because they didn't have huge deals and I'm a stingy dick who figured I could buy anything from them that I wanted on Amazon. I spent the money I had budgeted on smaller and independent stalls, because I think it's super important that the book community support them. (Indie publishers, authors, self-published writers etc.)

Will you be going next year?

Love, C x


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