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Enmity e-reader out for pre-order


Hi Readers and Friends,

I'm VERY excited to share that Enmity is out for pre-order on Kindle! Paperback out this Saturday 4th, so pop it in your calendars ;)

I have always, always wanted to write a book and I can't believe it's finally going to be out there for other people to enjoy. I hope you all like it and stick with me through my journey, I can only get better from here and am working through the sequel to make sure the character development and storyline only gets stronger. 💖💖

I also want to say the best part of the journey has been discovering Bookstagram and meeting such a welcoming and friendly community of people. I feel like I've made friends and the support has been astounding. Thank you so much for every comment, every like, every follow and every message of encouragement. 😘 . .

Shop E-Book HERE.


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