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How To: Know if Bookstagram Is Right For You


Hi Readers & Friends,

Many of you won't know that I used to have a fashion blog and Instagram account. I used it in the typical #Fblogger way, sharing outfit posts and new purchases.
I really hated it.
I deleted it at Christmas time to focus on my mental health and was a little wary about starting up a Bookstagram account, but it has been completely different, and I know it was the right thing for me to do.
Here is how I know Bookstagram is right for me:

1. The Community

This is just speaking from personal experience, and I know many people in the fashion blogging world may have a totally different view, but I found the fashion community very competitive, fake and two-faced, particularly amongst the influencer-level bloggers with over 15k followers.
Since the day I joined Bookstagram and across all channels from Twitter to IG to YT, I've found nothing but support, interactions and authentic engagements. It feels like we're all working together and supporting each other without competition or judgement, and I really love that and value it. (It's much better for mental health!)

2. The Numbers.

Before I used to stress about the numbers, the algorithms, how I could increase my following and trying to follow the filter-trends to ensure I was up-to-date and people would follow me.
Now I post pictures I like, with the filters I like, and never really think about the numbers. (Other than to get excited when I realise more people are following!)
I've seen a lot of Tweets recently of people saying they're 'leaving the bookstagram community because they are just one small voice and they feel alone', but I honestly think that if you are only in it to get a large following you will never succeed. You have to love what you're doing and do it because you enjoy it, not because you care what other people think and because you want followers.
As for feeling alone... the more you engage with others, the more engagement you'll get back! (See Pt.1)

3. My Lifestyle.

I would rather spend my money on a book than a top. I don't really follow the trends with fashion anymore, and I definitely don't have time to parade the streets of London with a photographer to take shots of me pretending I don't feel as self-conscious as I do. My fashion blog wasn't real life, my bookstagram is.
Taking some pictures on my bed with a glass of wine, music playing and making pretty flatlays? Well, that's something I can get on board with.


4. Authenticity.

 The fashion market is becoming over-saturated with #AD and fake captions people are writing becasue they're being paid £500 for a picture of them holding up a shampoo bottle they've never used before. (Trust me, I used to work in influencer marketing, I know.)
Bookstagram is so real. You get good book reviews, bad book reviews, a plethora of opinions, and as long as you're not just being mean or rude, every opinion is valid and counts. It's a wonderful place to have a voice, and to be true to yourself and what you think. It's much less materialistic, narcissistic, and it's not about the money. And I love that.


Do it because you love it. Don't stress over the numbers. Do it how you want, when you want, and if you're doing it to make money, to compete, to be the best, to be noticed... then it's probably not for you.

So here we are today, and this is the last time you will see a blog post with my old fashion shots included.

My old fashion blog lives on, but it's now an online diary to discuss mental health and holidays. :)
To check out my new instagram full of books and love, click here.

Good luck! xx


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