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Nanowrimo: 2018

Hello Readers & Friends,

Despite having approximately 100 pages left to edit of my Amity manuscript,  (and then round 2) I've decided to embark on Nanowrimo this year.
For anybody who doesn't know, Nanowrimo is a global challenge for people to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November, and you can sign up, join the community and track your progress here.
I'm cheating a little, but luckily for me Nanowrimo accepts people like me exist and have created a specific Rebel badge for us, which I have pinned to my account with pride.

So, what am I writing? I'm trying something new - a YA Contemporary.
And the reason I'm a cheat? I'm picking up an old manuscript I started at uni, which will need to be ripped apart, re-written and finished.

As of today, the word count is: 16,682
So those 16,682 words will need to be re-written and then ideally the story will be completed at circa 60,000 words.

Of course, I will still have to continue my work on Amity throughout November, so I appreciate this is a very ambitious task, but I'll give it a good go.

The story follows 16 year old Cooper, who suffers from anxiety disorder, particularly social anxiety. His world changes when he meets new-girl Whisper, who is a rebellious and out-of-control teen who introduces Cooper to the novelties of being a reckless teenager.
But is all as it seems with Whisper? And can Cooper push through his anxiety without losing a part of himself?

You'll have to wait and find out ;)

This is the cover I worked up for it, it may change at a later date but for now I like it a lot - I'm just not sure it's gritty enough or explains the story well enough... but this is why I'm no designer!

Are you taking part in Nanowrimo this year?
Let me know if so! And add me :)


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