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Hello Readers & Friends,

I wanted to do this in video format, and hopefully I still will, but I've been bed-ridden with a cold so didn't want to plague you all with my flemmy voice.

Amity's first draft is complete, and I have to hold my hands in the air and apologise to anybody who saw my Releasing Late 2018 promise at the end of Enmity, because it's not going to happen.
It's already mid-November and I want to make sure it goes through as many editing revisions as needed to make it even better than Enmity, so it may be more towards February 2019. I'm sorry!

I learnt a lot from Enmity and am fully aware that it's not a literary masterpiece. Though I'm very proud of it and I love the story and the characters, the wonderful thing about a first book is that you can only improve with all the next ones. Something pointed out in a review by a blogger was that I use too many adverbs - and oh my God they are so right. I didn't even realise, and it hadn't been picked up on in editing. This was something I could really watch out for in Amity which means that the writing itself is stronger because I had to think about how to get feelings across without using adverbs. All these things mean that the book will hopefully be even better for you to read.

One thing I really wanted to make clear was the fact that it is very different from Enmity. I know a lot of people's favourite thing about Enmity was the Forest of Lixital setting, but I really wanted Amity to wrap up a lot of things and this couldn't happen in the Forest.

I want you all to know what to expect, so here's a breakdown:

Of course nearly all the characters from Enmity are carried through into Amity, but there are some exciting new additions who I really loved writing and who have been introduced to add a little more tension to our current characters relationships. I particularly loved writing Sienna and Domino, two new characters with a lot of personality and fire.

I don't want to give too much away, but the base of the story is no longer in the Forest. There's more action in Amity, more fights and battles, and the setting reflects this general mood.

Whilst the theme for Enmity was Magic Vs Science, the themes in Amity are all very political. The book itself is much more political. Themes relating to Government and corruption, democracy, voting, and achieving peace - which is the ultimate goal for the story. It's about bringing two worlds together and the political tactics for doing so.

As the themes have changed, so magic takes a step backwards. Of course our characters still have their skills, but magic is just a part of them rather than a part of the plot.

I'm really excited about sharing more with you, but I want to make it clear here and now that they are two very different stories!
It's also set out differently - whereas Enmity was written from both Kai and Maia's point of view, Amity switches to focus solely on Maia's journey.

Hope this is as exciting for you as it is for me!

C x


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