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Cambodia 2018 - VLOG & Photo Diary

Hello Readers & Friends,

I'm super excited to finally be able to share with you all my photo diary and the long-awaited vlog from our trip to Cambodia! (Spoiler: There are many dogs.)

 Horse riding in Sihanoukville

Befriending the locals

Meeting the tiniest gato

Me two seconds after completing Draft 1 of Amity!

The time Steven finally became an insta-boyfriend.

The sea-hammock where I read TATBILB.


I am the shadow and he is the ray of light in the relationship, clearly.

Trying to paddle board.

My new best friend.

She really liked this stick. 

Pool 1 of many.

Beach hut #1 where a giant gecko roomed with us.

Sihanoukville sunset

Doggo #918740921875087135

Boat in Koh Samloem

Potential to sell to Mac as a desktop screensaver.

Me, happy to be leaving the gecko-infested beach hut.

Beach hut #2 - no geckos to be named


Reasons I am not built for a tropical climate:
1. I have approximately 67 insect bites despite lathering myself in repellant. Including between my fingers.
2. I sweat profusely all day long to the point that deodorant is literally futile.
3. I have a very unsexy heat rash on my back.
4. I found a red spider bug in my bikini bottoms the other day. If I didn't find it when I did, I am convinced it would have crawled inside me and laid eggs and I would have given birth to spider bugs.
5. I saw a tarantula in the jungle.
6. Going to bed is like lying on sandpaper and no matter how many showers I have, sand has become part of my soul.
7. My hair has matted and become one large dreadlock.
8. I have woken up every night itching from my 67 insect bites and been unable to get back to sleep because it's just too hot.
9. It's too hot to drink alcohol without getting the shits.
10. I have been attacked by three rabid cats.
11. I spent time coming to the conclusion that Steven would not win a fight against a monkey, and is therefore an unsafe travelling companion for late night jungle walks. We saw 5 monkeys, they all looked cross. I was afraid and would not repeat the experience.


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