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*SPOILER* About Enmity's Ending

Hello Readers & Friends,

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about my decisions for the ending of Enmity, so if you have not yet read it, SPOILER ALERT HERE! Do not continue with this blog post!

I wanted to explain the decision to kill the main antagonist with a single bullet, something which for many people was probably a huge anti-climax. (Sorry!)
What I wanted to talk about was that this was very much a conscious decision to reinforce the theme of the story: people aren't dangerous, their beliefs are.
People are just people, we are all one in the same and we all fear death and can be killed in any which way. We all have similar amounts of fight in us and we will all die if we are shot in the heart.
Our beliefs are what make us good or bad, and it's our beliefs which will live on far long than even our memory if we spread them far enough.

That is what's so terrifying about the Azgadi - and terrorist cells - that they cannot really be killed or defeated. We can kill their leaders but their beliefs live on without them and it becomes a never-ending cycle of war. Because how do you find stability and end war when there's no real way to kill beliefs?

That's what the sequel, Amity, will look to explore.

I will be doing a video soon updating you all on the progress of Amity, but what I will say now is don't expect anything the same as Enmity. We will have the same characters - plus a few new ones! - but it is less magical and more political, with themes we see in modern-day politics rife.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on all this!
Speak soon,
C x


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