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Six of Crows : Book Review


Hello Readers & Friends,

Book #54 of 2018 was Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. *****

I had heard of this as it has a strong fandom, but wasn't sure what to expect. As with fantasy YA books that have a huge fanbase, I'm always nervous about an anticlimax or dissapointment. (Furyborn, Caraval...) but I needn't have worried. Six of Crows was a 5 star review from me.

It was fast-paced, easy to read despite jumping viewpoints frequently and all the characters were absolutely fascinating.  The story follows Kaz Brekker, aka DirtyHands, a rough street crook and notorious trickster who brings together a strange gang of 6 misfits and criminals to try to pull off the world's most difficult heist.

Kaz Brekker is undoutably the most 3-dimensional, fascinating and wonderful protagonist (can I even call him that?!) I have ever read.  He is equisite. He takes Will Smith's character in Focus, Jesse Eisenberg's character in Now You See Me and Tom Hardy's character in The Revenant and fuses them all together. Then he takes it one step further to produce the wittiest, most charming character that you can never work out and is always one step ahead. One particular scene involving an eyeball and a tissue made me want to throw up, I had to actually stop reading and take a moment. That's the thing about Kaz Brekker, you hate him, you fear him, you love him, and you root for his win. It's so complex and strange and wonderful.

Then there's Inej, aka The Wraith. The Suli girl who sneaks about in the shadows collecting secrets and selling them on, a spider-like climber with survival as her main goal.

Jesper is the sharp-shooter with a gambling addiction and debts he desperately needs to pay off. He is Brekker's most trusted member of the gang, and is gay. We all know I love a 3-dimensional LGBT character, and he is wonderful.

Nina is a Grisha, which means she has supernatural powers. She made the choice during training to use hers to maim rather than heal, and becomes a key figure for the group, able to slow a heartbeat down with the flick of a finger, sew wounds up with the twist of a wrist. Nina is probably the kindest of the group, but she is strong and independant and is not afraid to do what must be done. She is probably my second favourite character.

Her love interest is Matthias, a hardened foreign soldier who is blackmailed into joining the group. You never know where his loyalties lie, and he is probably (to me) one of the most mysterious parts of the book. You never know what he's thinking until the very end.

Wade is Jesper's (sort of) love interest, a young boy with an affinity for destruction and making bombs. Again, he is dragged along against his will, but ends up being more helpful than he originally thought he would be. Wade is quite complex and the most inexperienced of the group, but he quickly adapts to his role and ends up forging real friendships. I loved Wade's character as much as Nina. And if you're wondering why his image is split into two... well you need to read the book ;)

Their mission is to break into the world's most secure prison, to break someone out. But they're all too busy distrusting each other to focus on the main task, with Kaz acting as the glue that holds them all together as they all fight through their own flaws to reach their separate goals.

It was clear, descriptive, easy to follow, imaginative and a story built around the best characters I have read in a long time. I cannot wait to read the sequel.

Have you read it? What did you think?
C x

All character images in this post were sourced from Pinterest and I believe are (C) Kevin Wada


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