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The Infernal Devices - Review & Rant

Hello Readers & Friends,

OKAY. So we all know I loved The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, going full-on fandom with it. And I have just last night finished The Infernal Devices, and need to write a proper review to explain some of my issues with it.

After a lot of dillying on GoodReads between 3 and 4 stars, I ended up giving it 4 stars because despite my problems with the characters, the storyline was strong, I love the Shadowhunter world that Clare has created and I thought it was really nice to read something set in a historical London. My favourite characters were (of course) Magnus Bane, and Jem Carstairs.

The idea of the mechanical automaton army and the twist with the clockwork angel were both really nice and as always, Clare's tone of voice was really easy, fun and pleasant to read. I looked forward to each of these books with aplomb.

So what's the issue? Well, though my issues grew throughout the trilogy, it really all came down to the final book, Clockwork Princess. If you don't want spoilers, look away now.


I hated the ending. For so many reasons. The only thing I hated more than the ending was Tessa.

So let's start with the effed-up love triangle thing that's happening. I know Cassandra Clare loves a tortured romance, a forbidden love. But the way that this love triangle was structured and the way she had designed CERTAIN CHARACTERS *ahem, Jem,* to be so loveable, meant I ended up hating Tessa.

So we have two best friends who both love the same girl, Tessa. And this little home-wrecking hussy just starts getting with BOTH OF THEM, because she can't choose and 'loves them both.' Oh, and it's a secret, because she 'doesn't want to hurt them.' Sorry, but this isn't being selfless, it's being a sneaky little hamrag. And it doesn't make me like her.

So then we have to read countless chapters where she is engaged to Jem, and fantacising about Will. Is it just me who thinks this is completely wrong? I just felt so terrible for Jem, like he was a pity-marriage because he's dying, and he deserved so much better. It made me kind of hate Tessa. And then Will's storyline with the curse is built to make the reader feel so bad for Will and to understand Tessa's compassion for him, but it didn't work with me to be honest. I don't care how nice both boys are, if she couldn't choose between the two she should have chosen neither and let them go on and find girls who loved them properly.

The worst part for me? When she is told Jem has died and does the dirty with Will MOMENTS LATER. YOUR HUSBAND HAS JUST DIED, B*TCH! What are you doing?! You dirty little hussbag! I hated, hated, hated that entire scene.

You know what else I hated?
Jem not really being dead. I'm sorry, but it went 10000% against his character to be turned into a Brother, and it made absolutely no sense other than to shock the reader. It was also sadder than if he had died, to be honest. The thought of him living forever, alone, without music or friends or anything else.. it just never made sense that he made that choice. I hated that.

I aslo hated that Will died an old man whilst Tessa remained young beside him. Sorry, but this was literally never mentioned in depth throughout the entire book and then is dropped into the end?! Like, who the hell would marry someone who never ages and just die beside them at age 90? I hated that. And it was a little creepy as well.

AND THEN, the worst bit. After Will dies an old man, Jem suddenly un-Brothers himself (with little-to-no explanation!) and GETS WITH TESSA AGAIN!? So she had her cake and ate it, too. Both boys were literally each other's sloppy seconds, at least once. And I feel like that in itself went against Will's character, that he would have told her to jog on and found himself another girl.

So those were all my issues with The Clockwork Princess, and the finale of The Infernal Devices. (After writing this, I've gone back and given it 3 stars instead. I got angry thinking about it all. The first two books still get 4 stars.)

I know everyone was rooting for Will, and some people for Jem, but I just hated it all. I wish Will and Jem had just continued being best friends and grown old together and sacked Tessa off.

Anyone else agree with me?

C x


  1. Totally agree with you �� I did really like the first two books, but yeah in the end Tessa got sooo annoying. I also got tired at some point of everyone always apologizing to everyone (not just the characters of the love triangle, also Charlotte constantly doubting herself, it’s my fault, no no it’s my fault, no actually it’s my fault) like omg give me a break. I also think for the fact that Tessa was in such danger the whole time, she was constantly unprepared and caught off guard. Girl, if I was being chased by some evil maniac and an army of automatons, I’d sleep with my fighting gear on with a blade in each hand. I dunno, her constantly tripping over her dresses and shoes while running, she was just a safety hazard for both Jem and Will. You really wanna help them and don’t want the to risk their lives for you? Well, stop being completely useless. Use the shape change to turn into some muscle guy if you have to. Both Jem and Will deserved better!

  2. That love triangle was all kinds of weird!😂

  3. hey! i think it's a bit later haha but anyway I was searching a blog that talk about it, (I was starting to think that I was the only thinking about how annoying was Tessa in the end of the third book) I found many ppl talking about how lovely was the book, how cute was Will and stuff BUT NOBODY WAS TALKING ABOUT THE END AND HOW UNFAIR IT WAS FOR BOTH GUYS and even how FORCED it was. At the end I felt that Will and Jem didn't act like themselves, because their acts went against their way of being. And of course, I HATED TESSA, I think Will and Jem really really deserved someone better. I felt that Tessa was really selfish and she justified herself that "she loved them" but still hurt them, that was not love, it was selfishness and I definitely hated when at the end her whims were fulfilled and she went out with the two boys. Anyway, I needed to say all of this haha I feel better. In conclusion, a good saga that was wasted in such a mediocre ending.


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