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About Amity.

Dear Readers & Friends,

As many of you know, I finished writing Enmity last summer and had planned to release Amity at the end of 2018.

A lot of things got in the way and I just wasn't confident or happy with where the book was. I finally reached a point where I finished it and sent it to my editor but neither of us are happy with where the story went and the character development. So much of it will have to be rewritten that at this stage it would essentially be a complete overhaul and re-write and my motivation and drive for the world and it's characters has been lost by the wayside as I work on other projects.

I don't ever want to release something that is a dissapointment to anyone who enjoyed the first book, and I would rather not release anything and have Enmity as a standalone novel than release something myself and my editor are not happy with.

I'm going to spend some time focusing my creative energies on my standalone contemporary, Whisper, and a new series that I am planning out.

This isn't to say that Amity won't happen, but that it is indefinitely on hold for now while I decide what I can do with the plot and characters that will carry the first novel forwards and drive development.

I hope you all understand and are not too disappointed.

C x


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