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Freak Circus: Meet The Characters

Hello Readers & Friends,

Whenever I start writing a new story, I always like to have a reference for my characters. It helps me envision them and their personalities better, and to write stronger descriptions.
Usually I go on Pinterest and find model images or random people, but for Freak Circus Wattpad offers an option of using celebrities to name as a 'cast'.

So, I sat and thought for a long time about which celebs would play my characters in a film, and came up with my list. I figured this would be a great way to introduce my characters in more detail.
For anyone who doesn't know, Freak Circus is my current WIP and the first draft is being shared on my Wattpad as and when it's written.

The story follows 5 circus performers on a heist - but I'm conscious of it being too similar to SoC so am still fine-tuning as I go!

So, are you ready to meet my gang of weirdos?

Sofiya Alvarez (The Slayer)

To portray Sofiya I chose Eiza Gonzalez. She's sexy and stand-offish in the way I imagine Sofiya to be. She's strong, sassy, independent and often comes across quite cold. Sofiya is known as The Slayer, and her circus talent is knife-throwing. She never misses.
She learnt her skill and accuracy from her older brother, who joined a gang and is now in prison. She had a catholic latina upbringing.

Sayuri Takahashi (The Bird)

Karen Fukuhara was a good fit for Sayuri, who is the quietest member of the group. She is a wallflower, soaking in every detail of what is happening around her and using it to her advantage. She is the youngest and smallest in the group, raised by the circus folk. As such, she is also one of the most talented - a skilled aerial performer and tightrope walker.

Evelyn Price (The Doll)

I dabbled between Margot Robbie and Amanda Seyfried a LOT for this casting. In the end, Amanda is a better fit looks-wise (Margot is a little too girl-next-door) but Margot also has the seductive nastiness that Amanda lacked, so I went with her.
Evelyn had a rough upbringing and joined the circus aged 14 after being in and out of foster homes. Thanks to her biology, she is a contortionist, double-jointed in several places. She's also a burlesque dancer and self-taught escape artist. She is ruthless, but also just wants happiness and comfort in her life.

Jaxon Ward (The Whisperer)

This was between Zac Efron and Robert Sheehan, but Robert just has that rough prettiness that I preferred to Efron's clean-cut nature.
Jaxon is a hypnotist, born into the circus. He doesn't know any other life, but often feels trapped and lost. He is gay, something rejected by his father, and responds by being as theatrically himself as possible. Always the first to want to party to forget his sins.

Henderson Gray (The Flame)

Titus Makin Jr is the charismatic face I wanted for Henderson. Henderson is the oldest, the leader of the pack and the one they turn to for advice. He loves to perform, he loves to be center of attention and he leads their Junior circus performances. He has no family, raised by the circus similarly to Sayuri. His talent lies with fire. He eats, performs, dances, juggles and breaths it.

Dustin Giles


Dylan O'Brien was perfect for outsider, Dustin. Dustin is from a privileged background, son to two millionaires but neglected by his rich family. He's naive, sheltered, raised in a bubble and desperate to rebel against his lifestyle. He finds himself tied to the circus in a strange way, and things all start to go crazy from then on.

I hope you liked meeting my characters. If you want to read the first few drafts, they're up on my Wattpad :)

C x


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