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Review - She Lies In Wait by Gytha Lodge

Hello Readers & Friends,

I was very kindly gifted a copy of She Lies in Wait by Penguin, written by Gytha Lodge, and wanted to review it as I've just finished it this morning.

I really enjoyed it! I enjoy thrillers anyway, but this was a classic 'whodunnit' story about a body of a girl discovered 30 years after she went missing on a camping trip.
I will admit - I guessed the murderer right at the start! I don't know how but I did, but that didn't stop me from really enjoying the book and page-turning constantly to find out whether or not my guess was right.

So we have seven kids who go out on a camping trip.

Aurora - The youngest, the most naive, who is 14 and goes missing. Her body is found 30 years later.
Topaz - Her older sister, who is a bit of a slaggy maggy and doesn't want her younger sister cramping her style.
Connor - Who is in love with Topaz and eventually marries her.
Brett - Who is older, 18, an athlete, invited by Topaz because he is her current crush. He will eventually become the glue for the group who holds them all together.
Benner - Who orchastrates the camping and is dabbling with a heavy load of drugs at the time.
Coralie - Who is Topaz's shadow, a desperate wannabe in the group.
Jojo - The wild one, the fun one who is desperately loyal and brave.

The book is set in a way that we spend half the time following DC Sheens as he and his team try to uncover what happened through a series of exciting interviews with the six, plus some other witnesses. The other half of the book is told from Aurora's point of view - flashbacks of the night and the story of what happened to her. It all cumulates to a huge and dramatic ending with several unexpected twists and turns.

It's action, action, action from the start. I love that even the detective chapters (which are, naturally, a little more boring than the flashbacks) are so intriguing. The friends are all lying, contradicting each other and we are constantly trying to work out why. Who are they covering for and what are they hiding? How much do they all know? Do any of them really know what happened?
Then there's the pervert teacher who happened to be camping near them that same weekend... But if it's him, why are the kids lying? What else could they be covering?

It honestly was great. I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a crime thriller and gave it 4 stars on GoodReads.

C x


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