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Using Insights to Boost your Bookstagram

Hello Readers & Friends,

Today I'm doing a mini marketing post about how you can dissect Instagram Insights tools to help boost your Bookstagram account.
For some reason I always associate insights with work, so forget that it's something I can access for my own personal Instagram accounts and I checked today for the first time in ages and found some really interesting information!

So, let's start with the basics.
1. Make sure your account is a business account. (You can do this in Settings.) You may have to wait a couple of weeks to get decent insights, it won't have pulled through enough information if you've only just switched to a business account.
2. When you're on your feed, in the top right corner where your main menu is, click that and head to Insights.

Now, let's delve in!
There are three main tabs - Activity, Content and Audience.


This is where you can go to see what days people are interacting with your account the most. (For me it's the weekends -  no surprise there as people have more free time on the weekends!) You can also see how many clicks your bio link has had, and how many people have chosen to email you via your Instagram profile.
At the bottom it splits into Discovery, where you can see your Reach and Impressions
Reach = how many unique accounts have discovered one of your posts.
Impressions = number of times that the post has been seen.

These don't really matter too much to me, but obviously the bigger the reach, the more opportunity to get new followers!
You can increase your reach by tagging people (but only relevant accounts, don't just tag random book accounts because it's spammy and annoying. Find feature accounts to tag e.g.@Bookishfeatures.) 
You can also increase your reach by using relevant hashtags. e.g #Bookishfeatures


This is where you can see who is following you.
My audience breaks down as being 22% US, and 12% UK as the main bulk. They are largely aged 18-24, 87% female and most are online at 6pm.

This tells me several things.
Firstly, posting books that are more popular in the UK and US will probably do better, as people tend to like photographs with books they recognise. Secondly, my girly filters and stickers are fine, because most of my audience is female so I don't need to worry about turning them off. Lastly, I should be posting around 5/6pm every night, because then more people will be logging on and will hopefully see my post.

It's important to know who is following you to know how you can target them and give them content they will like.


My favourite part! This is super customisable but basically you can see which are your best-performing posts. This week I had a particularly strong post, so we can dissect that further. It's reach is 59, 235, which means that almost 60k people who didn't already follow me, saw it. it's also almost 6x higher than my second top-performer.
So the big question is why?

If I click onto the photo it gives me two options underneath the image and above the caption - 'Promote' or 'View Insights'.
If I click to view insights I can see that alongside 8.4k likes, 113 comments and 1.3k saves, it was SHARED 285 times.
Compared to all my other photos, this is a huge number.
So I can safely assume that the reason it got such great reach is because it was shared so many times, and that obviously helped with the engagements.

Why did people share it? This isn't the best photo I've taken by any means - it was actually a filler photo I took for when I had no other content. It was in bad lighting in Waterstones, but I thought the idea was cute. Apparently, so did my followers! The only reason I can think for the high amount of shares is that people were sending it to their friends saying what a great idea it was, and how they'd love to try something like that.

Bottom line is that my audience
a) love to share with their friends when they see cool things
b) care about ideas behind photographs more than quality.

So my key learnings:
I  know when is best to post, who is seeing my posts, and how to encourage shares. Meaningful and fun content will do well on my channel. My followers seem to like a pretty cover more than an open book. 'Trending books' alwasy perform well (TATBILB, Eleanor & Park, Harry Potter). People don't mind a cluttered aesthetic, they seem to do better than my 'cleaner' shots.

Have a go at dissecting your own Insights and let me know how you get on!

C x


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