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Ep07 Plots & Shots: You by Caroline Kepnes

Hello Readers, Friends & Listeners,

Sorry for the unplanned Podcast haitus. We usually upload every Monday but we've both been super busy, didn't record for ages and then I couldn't get around to editing. Blame me.

Anyway, this may just be our drunkest episode ever.
After six hours of drinking, Bronte and I decide to discuss You by Caroline Kepnes. Due to the nature of the book, it's graphic and gross.

NSFW topics covered include:
- Would we have sex to save our lives?
- How much I hate Benji (over and over)
- How much we both hate Beck
- Wanking in public - not okay
- TV comparisions

As always, full of rambling, repetition, laughing, and swearing. Not professionals, just drunks. Rate us on iTunes and come back next Monday :)

Love, C x 


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