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Ep09 Plots & Shots : Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Hello Readers, Friends & Listeners,

This week we did a poll and you guys chose which book you wanted us to review. The overwhelming winner was Coraline by Neil Gaiman! A niche option, but we love it.

We were more sober than usual, (and coherent) but this was counteracted by the fact that Bronte was basically falling asleep, so expect less of her brutal commentary and more of my annoying posh accent trying to run the show.

- Callie repeating how scared she was during Coraline
- Bronte repeating how much she loved Coraline
- Callie speaking over sleepy Bronte
- Sleepy Bronte being sleepy
- Strong feelings about sewing buttons into eyes
- A joke about lack of orgasms

As always, full of spoilers, swearing, rambling and no professionalism.


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