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Stranger Things Characters: A Rundown

Hello Readers & Friends,

A different post today! I'm chatting about the characters of Stranger Things - one of my all-time favourite shows. I won't post spoilers, but I finished season 3 last night and O.M.G. What an emotional journey! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, laughing and crying and gasping and UGH. So much better than Game of Thrones.

This post is to be taken lightly, just as a bit of fun. I'd love to know your thoughts, so be sure to comment & share!


Overview: The dad character we all need in our lives. I think he's one of my all-time favourite tv characters. He reminds me of Luke from Gilmore Girls. Kind of hunky, super grumpy and always hilarious.
Best Traits: His bravery - he's always such a hero.
Worst Traits: Crabby


Overview: Steve is my favourite. He has such great character development between first and last seasons. He's so loyal and you can always rely on him and I just love him.
Best Traits: Pretty damn good babysitter
Worst Traits: Always getting beaten up


Overview: I know I've said this for all three characters so far but Joyce is a favourite. She's such a kick-ass mum and she is also hilarious in her own ways.
Best Traits: Kick-ass detective, always trusting her gut.
Worst Traits: Nervous twitching season one


Overview: Honestly, this kid has had the worst time ever. And I don't really have all that much to say about him, because all he ever really does is get possessed and captured and scared. Don't blame him!
Best Traits: Bowl cut
Worst Traits: Demogorg magnet


Overview: The leader of the group. Always keeps calm. Love when he shouts at his mum from another room, cracks me up every time.
Best Traits: Logic and smarts
Worst Traits: Arrogant and dramatic


Overview: The badass hero of every season.
Best Traits: Superhero powers, duh
Worst Traits: Prone to a tantrum or two


Overview: The only normal one who seems to find everything that's happening in Hawkins as unbelievable as it is
Best Traits: Great skills with a slingshot
Worst Traits: Honestly believes a slingshot is adequate defence against all demogorgons

Mad Max

Overview: Honestly, I have nothing to say about her.
Best Traits: The much-needed gal pal Eleven needed
Worst Traits: Kind of boring


Overview: The brains of the group. Always screaming which makes me laugh.
Best Traits: His smile
Worst Traits: None.


Overview: Mad Max'z crazy big brother.
Best Traits: Huge mullet
Worst Traits: Huge prick


Overview: The guy who makes out with Joyce in the stock cupboard and saves the day with his brains
Best Traits: Everything
Worst Traits: None applicable


Overview: Nancy's BFF who we meet for exactly 0.2 seconds of the entire show but all still think about on a daily basis
Best Traits: Great friend
Worst Traits: Pushover


Overview: Mike's older sister who starts off as a prissy and then gets with Steve and turns badass
Best Traits: Went out with Steve, never gave up on #JusticeForBarb
Worst Traits: Her hair in season 3


Overview: Creepy guy who took naked photos of Nancy without her knowing and somehow redeemed himself and now is a hero?!
Best Traits: Cares about his brother
Worst Traits: Creepy AF


Overview: Sells icecream with Steve. Somehow teaches herself Russian.
Best Traits: Brings diversity to the series (if you know, you know.)
Worst Traits: None that I can think of, actually.


Overview: Russian terrorist
Best Traits: Basically everything. Mostly his comedic persona.
Worst Traits: Annoys Hopper, who we all love unconditionally.


Overview: Lucas's annoying little sister
Best Traits: Intellectual 10-year old with high political knowledge
Worst Traits: Sassy AF


Who are your favourites?
C x


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