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Book Review: It Only Happens In The Movies

Hello Readers & Friends,

Today I'm reviewing It Only Happens In The Movies by Holly Bourne.
I thought I recognised her name and had read something of hers before, but on inspection, I hadn't. So this is my first Bourne book.

I picked it up judging it from the title and imaging a kind of crappy airport-chicklit read that I could read to pass time and forget about straight after. Oh no. No, no, no. It got 5 stars from me.

I can't remember the last time I gave this sort of book 5 stars, because let's be honest - YA romcoms are never really 5 star worthy works of literature masterpiece. But I just loved this book. I made a moodboard for the main character, Audrey, who was GREAT.

Okay, let's explain a little bit about why I loved it so much.

1. The heroine is fucking great. She works at a cinema (hence the title, which instantly becomes a clever pun and not the cheesy slosh I thought when I picked it up) and is a feminist romance film critique. How awesome is that?

2. She has a rant when a boy tells her 'she's not like other girls' which I loved. She is exactly the type of teenage girl we can all relate with, when you know a boy is bullshitting you and you're angry with yourself for entertaining it and liking it but you also hate them for doing it. Her inner monologue is just so accurate, I could relate with her so much.

3. Strong girl-power group of friends.

4. Real-life family problems that add the depth and darkness you need. (Her dad is an ASShole.)

5. A fun setting! I loved the cinema idea.

6. The fact she has such a fun passion (acting) and although she's a little bit broken at the start you really see her pick herself back up and develop slowly back into the strong woman she really is. It was really well paced, I loved it.

7. All the call-outs of the daily mysogyny women deal with and the way it disses all the slushy romance cliches.

8. THE ENDING. It was everything this book needed to stay true to itself and had me giving the main character a standing ovation. It was 100% the bold rom com ending we all needed.

In short, I bloody loved this. I recommend to anyone looking for a fun and quick read. Also, it was the book that inspired my post on best film kisses.

C x


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