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I opened a bookish t-shirt shop!

Hello Readers & Friends,

I have a super exciting update for you today. I have launched a t-shirt shop!
Yes, I know this seems random, but I have some backstory.
Actually, not too much backstory other than I love fashion and the struggle has been real when trying to find cute, bookish t-shirts.

There are so few places to buy cute, aesthetic merch that isn't tacky or brash. I don't want cheapy looking vinyl graphics planted on a bright red t-shirt, and the few that I've found have been sold in the US, meaning that by the time I've added on shipping it's costing me about £30 for a t-shirt. It's madness!

So I took a little time researching production places. I don't have the time or the facilities to make my own products, and I eventually found a good UK-based company that print t-shirts on demand, so every time someone orders a tee it will get shipped out to them by my producers. I'm really hoping that when orders start coming in the company is able to get them sent out nice and smoothly and there aren't any hiccups!

The designs have been created by myself, and obviously, I'm not a designer. I've just created things I would like to wear, and hoped that you guys will too. My designs for this reason are very basic and minimal, which suits my taste to a tee (pun intended) anyway.

I want to make sure that there's price ranges for everyone, so I start from the very basics and then work up to higher quality made from recycled and organic fabrics. I hope that you guys can find something you like, and if not then let me know what you want to see! I'm happy to create styles that are requested. The only thing I'm not doing is creating things for fandoms I hate, because I'm trying to keep it real :( So I know everyone in the world loves Caraval, but I won't be making a Caraval t-shirt anytime soon because for me this isn't about profit. It's just about making cute stuff I can wear and sharing the option for other people to have it, too.

On this note it's important to say I won't be quitting my job and making a living off this anytime soon. The production compay I have paired with set their base price for each style, which includes the trouble they go to with printing and shipping out to all you lovely customers. I have only added on the smallest amount to these t-shirts to balance out the cost of hosting on Etsy to sell. I wanted to keep them a reasonable price for everyone and as I said, I'm not a designer, I'm working with very basic online design programmes and just trying to make cute things for myself to wear. If you guys love them too, that's just a bonus!

This post features images of my current favourite, my Antisocial Reading Club t-shirt.  I unfortunately don't get free products to send out to influencers or even for myself, so I'll be ordering more of my designs as and when I can to photograph them and continue checking quality. As of right now I only own my favourite handful and will be posting images of them soon :)

Hope you love them as much as I do, and please feel free to send me design/fandom suggestions! It's all quite Grishaverse-heavy right now!


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