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Don't Be This Person : The DON'Ts of Bookstagram

Hello Readers & Friends!

I always like to keep my blog a positive place to be, but I have a slightly more complain-y post today. Whilst I LOVE Bookstagram, there are a couple of account-types that drive me insane! And I can't be the only one, so if you're thinking of starting a bookstagram account, don't be one of these people...

- Don't DM people telling them to follow you. It makes me want to follow you even less. I spend time every day looking at the Explore page and reading comments and finding accounts who really engage and interact with the community to follow. I don't just follow people who tell me to. (Without any introduction, may I add.)
 NO -  Please follow my new book account!

YES -   Hey, I just started my own bookstagram account. I'd love for you to check it out and give me any advice / opinions? I've followed you a while and am keen to grow my channel.

- Don't ask how people edit their photos. It's obvious you're doing this to copy their image style :( People spend a long time coming up with their own unique editing process, and it's only fair you do the same. It's okay to ask what app they have used for a certain thing, but don't copy an entire editing process. If they are happy to share it, they probably already have, either in a blog post or IG highlight. (I have my old summer theme available here as I no longer use it.) This is also why people sell presets.
If you find yourself recreating someone else's look, style or imagery and don't credit them, this is essentially stealing and plagiarism :( Even if you DO credit, it makes you look like you're not creative yourself, so it's always better to take dribs and drabs of inspiration from here and there and try to make it your own. Bookstagram is always going to be difficult to be original in - after all, there's only so many ways to take a photo of a book! But shamelessly copying someone else and using all the same editing techniques is wrong.
 NO -  How do you edit your photos? / What apps did you use to edit this?
YES -   How did you add the orange saturation?

 - Don't DM or comment telling people to check your account out. This is called spamming, and I will usually report it. Instead, try commenting something about the image and THEN say, 'I'd love if you'd check out my account as we like similar things,' or something along those lines. Comments that are copy and paste jobs without any  content get removed and flagged as annoying and spammy otherwise.
 NO -  Hey! Check out my account, it's new! I post about books :)
YES -   I love this book, too. I just started my own account, I'd love if you'd check it out as we have similar reading tastes!
- Don't add people into giant groups and send them random messages.  I get added into groups with like, 30 people in them for no reason. And I don't even know any of them. I'm guessing it's because they want people to notice their account but it's SO annoying!

- Don't tag random accounts. My account is a personal account, not a feature account, and I get tagged in so much random crap that's nothing to do with me. I think people do it so I see their pictures but it makes me want to block them, it's so annoying. Don't tag me unless I'm in the photo, something I've done is in the photo, it's a regram or you're tagged me in a challenge. It's just filling my Tagged album with rubbish :(

- Don't DM me to tell me to buy your book / review your book. I'm a normal person with a job and life, and you telling me I should drop everything to spend some money on your book with no introduction is rude. Instead, drop a message introducing yourself and your book and why I might be interested in it. If it catches my attention and sounds like something I would like, I'll probably to on to check it out. Messaging me saying 'My new book is out, please buy it and review' is going to get a big fat nothing from me. 
 NO -  Please buy my new book and leave a review.
YES -   Hey, my names Emily! I've followed you a while and I just thought I'd let you know that I've written a book! It's a thriller about a girl whod oes blabla and meets blabla and realises blabla. If this sounds up your street I'd love for you to check it out - the link's in my bio :)

Phew! Rant over. What do you guys think? Am I being OTT and getting annoyed too easily or do these things annoy you, too?

C x


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