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My favourite independent sellers & writers

(My image, wand stand from Olivers)

Hey Readers & Friends,

Today is a slightly different type of post. I'm always harping on about how important it is to support independent creatives and sellers and yapping on about supporting the little people so I realised I hadn't ever done a big list of all my favourites! Abysmal.
These are my most favourite people to spend my money on, I really recommend checking them out.



Jacqueline Silvester

If you love: Fantasy x contemporary YA books.
What to expect: Gossip Girl meets Get Out? The world of Wildwood Academy is a whole new route and I was hooked from the first few pages. It's creepy, enigmatic, mysterious and deliciously juicy.
Instagram: Cute selfies, cute doggos and bookish updates @JacquelineSilvester
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Orion Carloto

If you love: Romance and poetry
What to expect: A stunning and bookstagrammable debut poetry book, Flux, filled with touching narrative and stirring romance.
Instagram: Selfies that make me want to get a face transplant and beautiful minimalist style with lashings of gold. @OrionVanessa
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Harmony Nice

If you love: Wiccan culture and nature
What to expect: A very clear and easy-to-follow guide to Wicca. Perfect for beginners filled with informative chapters relating to everything from solstice to covens and starting your own Book of Shadows. Expect cute illustrations.
Instagram: Flowers, landscapes and bohemian selfies. @PeachyCinnamon
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Ben Alderson

If you love: LGBT and fantasy
What to expect: Honestly, I haven't read one of Alderson's books yet but I have bought them! Ben is a lovely, kind and friendly human and has always been lovely to speak with. He started his own publishing company and champions LGBT fantasy which can only be a good thing. His book is hiding somewhere in my TBR jar so as soon as I pull it out you can all expect a review.
Instagram: Cute selfies and fantasy books @beninjamalderson
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 Mori Raito

If you love: Stunning fairytail-esque illustration
What to expect: Mori's art is just breathtaking. Her art style is completely unique and magical, using all my favourite autumn tones. I've bought some of her prints - my favourite are the Harry Potter ones.
Instagram: Stunning autumnal illustrations. @Mori_Raito
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If you love: Colourful, celestial portraits.
What to expect: An LGBT friendly space ran by the lovely Mia who I discovered at Comic Con. I commissioned 4 portrait postcards from her and am SO happy with how they came out, I can't wait for them to arrive! They're just so cute and happy.
Instagram: WIPs and lots of OCs. @Sushiroll_cat
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If you love: Fairyloot and Fanart
What to expect: I discovered this account as one of the main artists for subscription box, Fairyloot. ICanDrawThingz (no real name found anywhere!) creates beautiful, expressive fan art and was actually the first artist I comissioned to illustrate Whisper from my new book!
Instagram: All her beautiful drawings and YA fandom work. @Icandrawthingz
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Jordan Clarke

If you love: Cozy, minimalist Bujo art
What to expect: I found Jordan through her Youtube chanel where she art journals and bullet journals. She's very relaxing, cozy and everything is very pretty and minimalist. Her stickers and printables are so cute.
Instagram: Journals, wildflower doodles and cozy selfies.   @Jordan.e.clark
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Ulla Thynell

If you love: Old fairytale books
What to expect: Whimsical illustrations of landscapes and fantasy scenes. And Lord of the Rings fan art!
Instagram: Nature in Finland and artwork.  @ullathynell
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Alexandra Dikaia 

If you love: Autumnal digital art
What to expect: Similar colour palettes to Mori Raito but a more cutesy characturised style, with little sculptures added into the mix for even more cuteness.
Instagram: Animals dressed in cute clothes and beautiful sketchbook pages. @Alexandradikaia
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Tula Posy

If you love: Really parred-back cartoons
What to expect: If 'hygge' was an art style this would be it. I particularly love the bookmarks she sells on her Etsy - I bought the Stranger Things one and a little reading doe and just love them.
Instagram: Doodles, bookish fan art and her adorable bookmarks. @TulaMakes
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Fabio Di Dodo

If you love: Badass digital drawings of girls
What to expect: Tattooed girls and portraits with soft blending. He designed the beautiful book cover art for A Girl Called Whisper.
Instagram: An online portfolio of his artwork. @_dodoism_
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Oliver's Brighton

If you love: Harry Potter
What to expect: An amazing independent wizarding store filled with magical replicas and products different to the classic Warner Brother studio licensed merch. It goes the extra mile with products from Mina Lima and beyond. I was stoked to get a griffin wand stand for £15 when I last went! Plus Oliver's really nice :)
Instagram: Potter merchandise, fun wizardry and product previews. @Oliversbrighton
Shop & support: - He's currently up for a small store award, so vote for him! 


Dreamy Moons

If you love: Gratuity, spirituality, art
What to expect: Beautiful illustrated growth journals, affirmation cards, books, home decor and crystals. All run by Annie, from the creation through to packing and sending.
Instagram: Beautiful illustrations by Annie and product peeks. @Dreamymoons
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Witch's Way Craft

If you love: Wicca and crystals
What to expect: Handmade artisan soy candles, beautiful hand-cut crystals, runes, and magickal items. I discovered them when I found a beautiful agate ring holder I wanted for my wedding, but they are based in America and I don't think they can ship abroad yet :(
Instagram: Crystals, more crystals, more crystals, and some magick. @witchswaycraft
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Let me know some of your favourite indies!
C x 


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