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Photo Diary: The Lake Cabin

Hello Readers & Friends,

Today I'm sharing a diary post because last weekend Steven and I went to a remote lake cabin for a little break. It was a really lovely time. The weather was that really nice crisp but sunny autumnal weather, there was a little boat which we took out onto the lake and the cabin itself was so cute. Betsy had a great time, she actually loved the water and really enjoyed being out on the boat!

There was no wifi and barely any signal which was great because I could really switch off, and the electricity ran via a generator which we only had on in the evenings as it was quite noisy. In the nights we watched films and cooked dinners and lit the log fire, so it was all really nice and cosy. Betsy got a little cold sitting outside all day so I had an excuse to layer her up in her raccoon jumper and flowery coat which was great.

I read three books over the weekend. This Lie Will Kill You by Chelsea Pitcher which I had to give 2 stars to because honestly, it was a bit rubbish and confusing and the plot was just terrible. (It was like the end seasons of Pretty Little Liars by the point nothing made sense and was just ridiculous.)

The Babysitters Coven by Kate Williams which I have 3 stars to. It was an enjoyable read but more to the Y audience of YA, and it was a little too young for my taste. The third was Junk by Melvin Burgess which I gave 5 stars to. It was actually a re-read but the last time I read it I was in school and I don't think I could appreciate it to it's fullest. It's a super gritty, intense and quite depressing read but I really enjoyed it. I may do a full book review sometime for it.

Overall it was a really nice, much-needed break and opportunity to switch off :)

C x


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