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Top Aesthetic Editing Apps for Bookstagram


Hello Readers, Friends & Swipers!

I'm asked time and time again what apps I use for my editing, so today I'm going to share my most-used and recommended apps.
As always, I advise you find your own routine and editing style rather than imitating others and trying to copy accounts. You'll always go further in life if you do your own thang. That said, these will make getting those aesthetic vibes way easier!



I rarely use Facetune, but it's a good one to have for quick fixes. Good for clearing spots in the background and highlighting smaller details with the Detail brush, like jewellery. Not a neccesity, but good if you shoot a lot in public places or with small details in your images.

Kuji Cam

The same as Huji Cam but for Android, Kuji offers a bunch of oldschool filters, lightleaks and point-n-shoot camera effects. Again, I rarely use this on my bookstagram account but it's my go-to for quick editing on my personal account. Cute vintage frames as well.


Lightroom is the big-boy app for editing. Although VSCO is getting more and more features to rival Lightroom, just because it's owned by Adobe means it'll always be superior. Lots of bloggers sell presets for Lightroom use, so you can get the exact same filters they use. It's great for adjusting certain colourtones, which was my main usage for it. Recently VSCO released this feature for premium users though, so I now mostly use VSCO. I recommend Lightroom for anyone editing on Desktop or any terrible editors who just want to buy a ready-made preset and do one-click edits. (I recommend Acacia's
for this, they're lovely.)


Picsart is great, I use it daily. It's great for collages, moodboards and finding cute stickers to add to your photos. This is my main editing programme, alongside VSCO, for still feed images.


 VSCO is my baby. I use this to filter all my imagery, and have paid the one-off yearly subscription for the full programme to access all the editing tools so that I don't have to use any other app or jump between VSCO and Lightroom anymore, which in my opinion is worth it. I save all my filter recipes down as Presets on here so I can easily see what a photo would look like in a different theme. My favourite filters are M5, A6 and G3.


Another rarely-used app, but good to have. Snapseed's got an extensive list of free tools available for things like brightening select areas, changing image persepective, blurring and adjusting white balance. For people who are really finnicky with their edits, in a similar vain to Facetune. 




Pixaloop is a great little app for turning your images into moving videos/gifs. You can animate select areas of your image (like water to make it look like it's running), change the sky and animate the clouds, add steam to your coffee and a host of other, sweet images. I love this for animating my images for stories.


Youcut is the app I use for editing IGTV and Youtube videos. In all honesty, there are probably better apps out there for this, but I find it easy enough to manage and quick to work. It adds text and lets you adjust image ratio very easily as well, which I like for creating story posts.


Snow is one of those crazy asian apps with hundreds of thousands of different filters that you really have to trawl through to find the hidden gems. I love all the oldschool, retro VHS style filters for film clips. 



Mojo is a great little app for animating still images and text, making your stories more eye-grabbing. 


Unfold is what I use for my still stories. It lets you build  really aesthetically pleasing montages and collages and post direct to your story feed.



I haven't found a scheduling tool I really like (I've heard Instagram hates Planoli) so I've been using Apphi as and when I need it. I don't schedule usually (which is why on weekends I sometimes forget to post!)  but if there's something I don't want to forget to post, I use Apphi.


I use PostVu to double check images will look nice in my feed and that the colouring isn't off. It just lets you put a post in and shows you how it will look in your feed without actually having to upload it. I use this just if I'm posting something slightly different, like a selfie or a moodboard, to check the colouring works and doesn't stand out strangely.

Well, there you have it! These are all the apps I use!

Hope it helps you :)
C x


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