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Book Review: 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons

Hi Readers & Friends,

A strange sort of review today - I just couldn't make my mind up! In the end, I gave this book 3.5 stars. (4 on GoodReads.) It was very kindly signed and sent to me by Abbie herself, and when I saw it on Amazon best-sellers list I realised it was exactly the sort of book I needed as a pick-me-up and pulled it out of my TBR pile sharpish!

It has a wonderful, beautiful storyline. Tessa is a teenage girl who, after a terrible car crash, finds herself blind. Doctors tell her she will heal in a minimum of 12 weeks, but for a quarter of a year she is totally blind. She's a poet and blogger, and a boy called Weston answers a newspaper ad to help her continue to write while she can't see. Tessa doesn't know that Weston is handicapped, an amputee from an accident when he was 12. He loves that she doesn't know, and that she essentially treats him like garbage at the start. And then... well... you can see where this is going, can't you?

This was the main problem for me, and the only reason I couldn't give it a 5-star rating. Obviously this is a personal choice, because this wouldn't bother some people at all, but there was no huge conflict/resolution part of the storyline, it was a very even, consistent plot and you always knew what was going to happen. You knew from the start she was going to get her vision back eventually, because they tell you. So there's no big reveal about that.
And you know they're going to fall in love because, well, it's YA so of course they will. Plus, the blurb tells you they do. And you know that Tessa isn't going to care that Weston has no legs, because who on earth would write an entire book about two people falling in love only for one to end up being so shallow she leaves when she realises the other one is disabled? You see what I'm saying?

The book is very predictable and without twists and turns, so there wasn't much hook or grip for me. ALL THAT SAID, it was a really lovely story, and I ate through it pretty quickly. Both characters were extremely strong, 3-dimensional and interesting. Weston's story in particular was super inspiring and his personality the entire way through was something I think I'll always remember and look back on - I think everyone could do with being a little bit more like Weston in their everyday lives. He reminds us to always be the best we can be and to work hard and look on the bright side. His best friend Rudy was also really well-written and I had a definite soft spot in my heart from him, and their friendship.

It was very heart-string-pulling, emotional and inspiring. I actually think Weston may be one of my favourite characters I've ever read in my life. He was so funny and just his outlook and optimism was such a joy to read. I've never read anything like him before, I could have had a whole book on just his thoughts and opinions!

For me, I think the only thing that would have pulled this book up another star would have been a dramatic or climactic moment. Perhaps  Tessa thinking she would never get her sight back and then suddenly getting it back would have been better than always knowing that after 3 months it would return. This would have made her depressive outlook a little more easy to swallow as well, a couple of times I wanted to shake her and say 'buck up, it's only three months!'

All in all it was a memorable read, I'd recommend everyone give it a go if they want a quick and easy pick-me-up.
(Ps. I hope they make it into a movie, that would be amazing!)

Love, C x


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