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How Instagram Removing Likes is Hurting Bookstagram

Hello Readers & Friends,

I have a post on social media marketing today, and I'm hoping it can be used as some sort of rallying cry to anyone who uses Instagram and follows book accounts.(Here is my account!)

Recently, Instagrams made the decision to remove public Likes in an attempt to keep things authentic. In turn, this has changed the way users are utilising the platform.

What seems to be happening is that as Instagram rolls this update out across more users, people have responded by refusing to Like photos. I guess the reasoning behind this is, 'what's the point?'
But the point is huge, and that's what this blog post will talk about today.

I read somewhere that not liking a photo is akin to not applauding at the end of a performance - keep this in mind.

For  full transparancy, my account has dropped engagement by 80% this last week alone, with reach following suit. Basically, Instagram has f*cked us.

So, here's what happens when a photo doesn't get many likes:

Step 1. User thinks, 'no point in double-tapping this if I can't see the Likes,' and continues to scroll past your content.

Step 2. That piece of content is registered by Instagram as being scrolled past X amount of times. Instagram works out how many people have scrolled past your picture in a ratio against how many people have Liked your image. Your ratio is looking pretty bad now, as suddenly nobody is Liking your content.

Step 3. Instagram decides the content must be of bad quality due to the low engagement, and it's algorithm shifts your content to the bottom of the feed. This means your reach drops, which is a fancy way of saying that Instagram is preventing your image from being seen.

Step 4. The content creator feels like their time is wasted, because they are creating content that is not being seen or appreciated.

Step 5. The content creator gives up posting as often.

So it's a vicious circle, and this will only change if either Instagram shift their algorithm to match the new way users are working, OR if people continue to like posts.

If you want to support your community and encourage your favourite accounts to continue posting, please, please Like their content. There is still a point to Likes, which is why they haven't been removed entirely.

Share this post and let's get the community thriving again!

Love, C x


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