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2019: Reflections & Goals

 Hello Readers & Friends,

I'm taking a little time today for some mindfulness, to reflect on my 2019 and make some plans and goals for 2020!
I think it's important for positivity to look back on the year and think about your biggest accomplishments, achievements and what made you happiest. I had a really, really good year, so I have lots of them this year!

1. Getting Betsy.
We adopted little Betsy and welcomed her into our life and she makes every single day funnier and brighter as a result.

2. Buying a House. 
I had to be cajouled into this one a bit as I hate London, but we bought a nice little house in the South and I'm having a lot of fun fixing it up and making it look nice, which feels very grown up.


3. Engagement.
We've been engaged for a whole year now and haven't had a single argument about the wedding, which I think is great going!


4. A Girl Called Whisper
I self-published my second book, and whereas with Enmity I was nervous, with AGCW I was really excited and happy it's out. It's also much better in terms of storyline and writing, and I'm excited I've improved in a way that I can notice.

5. New Job
After six years in fashion I finally got a job in the bookish world, at a huge publishing house and I am so excited to start!

And my 5 goals for 2020:

1. Lose fat for the wedding. (Boring and cliche, I know.)
2. Stop biting my  nails for the wedding. (Been on my list since I was 13.)
3. Finish first drafts of Freak Circus and My Sweet Boyfriend! (
4. Continue making time to art journal when possible, as it's relaxing.
5 Start saving some money!!!!!!! (Been on my list since I was 16.)

What are your goals for the next year?

Love, C x


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