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A Bookish Christmas Gift Guide

Hello Readers & Friends!

Today I'm doing a Christmas gift guide for the bookish friend in your life - whatever the budget.

This post is in collaboration with Typo, who kindly sent me a couple of gifts to test out. As always, I only work with brands I actually like, and I have shopped with Typo before in the past. They basically do great gift-type bits and bobs, but I've included some extra stuff as well to make sure you get tons of ideas!

**Asterix indicates a gifted item.
(Sorry, it's pretty Potter-heavy. But who doesn't love Hazza P?)

A category for the truest loves in your life. Or yourself ;)

Okay, this is seriously boujie. Just look at that stand! Perfect for the LOTR fan in your life as a special collectors piece that would just look amazing on any bookshelf.

Okay I die. This has been on my wishlist forever. A monogrammed, Hogwarts trunk filled with house clothing and a personalised Hogwarts letter. This is the gift to make dreams come true.

The perfect category for treating someone special. Boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.

Perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Funko pops alike. Filled with 24 adorable mini Funkos from the world of Hogwarts. Including Hermione in her Yule Ball gown which is just too cute.

My favourite is the Knight Bus, but Hagrids Hut is great too. Perfect for people who love puzzling things together, and nice to sit down and do together over the holiday break with a glass of wine. Great Bookstagram props for afterwards, too! ;)

Wentworth make lazer-cut wooden puzzles with custom designs for a really personal gift. You can choose the amount of pieces for different difficulty levels and they cut their pieces into cute shapes, like tiny little dogs! 

 Another one for the LOTR fans - a Thorin map on a beautiful wooden display stand. Can you just imagine this above a workspace or displayed on a writing desk?! I don't even like LOTR but I'm obsessed. One #MapMonday to rule them all.

 For making their favourite books extra special.

Again, for making their favourite books extra special. Or for making sure their lent books get returned!

Show a good friend how much they mean to you with this selection.

Complete with holographic collector card.

For cuddling up underneath with a great book. It's fleecy and supersoft. The Marauder's Map one pictured in the main post image is currently out of stock, but other cute designs are available. 

For the person who needs to read more, and doesn't know where to start! Give them a challenge. 

It'll be a talking point for sure. They do necklaces and charm bracelets, too!

Wearing your love loud 'n' proud.

Under £10

Perfect stocking fillers or Secret Santa options!

For nap lovers everywhere. Plus, everyone knows bookstagrammers love a good candle. This one smells great, too.

A hidden storage space designed to look like a book. Choose from Alice in Wonderland or an old potions book.

For writing love letters and revenge plots. Because nobody keeps in touch with letters anymore.

Nothing is better than a super cute bookmark. These are handmade by Tula, who creates beautiful fan art and decorates her bookmarks with pom poms.

For the fancy reader in your life.

Bookish folk love an enamel pin. Don't ask why, I have no idea!

Give a blind date with a vintage book. Because they're vintage, there's a high chance it's not been read by the receiver yet!

 Love, C x



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