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Book Review: Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

Hello Readers & Friends,

I managed to cram one final read in before the end of 2019!

I adored Queen of Nothing, for me it was the perfect conclusion to the trilogy.

If I'm honest, I hadn't been a fan of Jude and Cardan as a couple for the first two books. I felt like I couldn't get past some of Cardan's nastier traits and some of his deceptions and betrayals had hurt too much, but this book he finally turned himself around for me and really redeemed himself. I can finally join in with the Shipping of them, particularly in this book they were a really strong and positive couple. They complemented each other and there was still the wonderful tension and fear of deceit threaded throughout that we've gotten used to, keeping us constantly on our toes and hoping and praying that Cardan won't go back to... well, being Cardan.
I like that it's not a classic hate-to-love romance, you really feel the pain of the past in every interaction and the fear and anger at  themselves for falling for each other.

I loved all the magical depictions and descriptions of the world and the food. The food! It all sounded so delicious. Blocks of cheese and heels of loaf and honey-roasted birds and sugar-covered plums... it was all too much. I love the world-building of Elfhame and the secondary characters are all as complex and twisty as the main folk, which I love.

I also liked that as per most third books in trilogies, it was filled with action and scheming and plotting and war - but it wasn't repetitive or hard to follow. It was clear and engaging and I just couldn't put it down. Lastly, I love that we finally got to sneak a little peek at Cardan in the mortal world. It was light-hearted and fun in just the right way.

I truly think Holly Black is Queen of the Fae, I could immerse myself in her world forever.
I gave it 4.5*. I'm not sure why I didn't give it 5* to be honest. Maybe I should. I probably should.

C x


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