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Book Review: What Happened That Night by Deanna Cameron

Hello Readers & Friends,

I have another Wattpad x Penguin book review for you. I won't go into it too much as I already spoke about it in this review, but basically Penguin are publishing the top Wattpad books of the year and kindly sent me some to try out.
Obviously, being Wattpad writers and debut authors, the quality isn't Hanya Yanagihara-esque, but they do cover the entertainment you look for in a fun, easy book and are brilliant reads for any fans of YA.

What Happened That Night is a crime thriller and I gave it four stars. It follows some difficult topics found in my own book, surrounding sexual abuse and the after-effects. In a short summary, the town's golden-boy is found murdered and the main character, Clara's sister, is the main suspect, jailed for the crime. But everything isn't as it seems (obviously) and you get taken on a twisty turny story full of shocks. I actually found the amount of twists even more than some of those big-name books like Gone Girl, and really enjoyed being kept on my toes until the final page.

Some of the scenes depicting sexual abuse are quite graphic, so that's a definite content warning for anybody triggered by that sort of thing, but it's also very raw and I like that it doesn't dramatise, nor gloss over the scenes. I do think that considering the difficult subject topic it's depicted respectfully and the reactions from all characters throughout is realistic and honest. It was all round a great

It does, at times, feel a little bit unbelievable and you may eye-roll here or there. I saw one review refer to it as Scooby-Doo-esque, which I can't argue with too much. But it's a YA Wattpad thriller, not crime novel of the year, so I don't mind a little far-fetchedness mingled in with the plots. It was still really enjoyable and a good quality read.

It is definitely a page-turner, and I read this in just a day, which rarely ever happens, so I do recommend this for anyone looking for a light and gripping read.

C x


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