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My Bookish Goals: 2020

Hello Readers & Friends,

I thought it was the perfect time to put together some bookish goals for the year, things I should strive to accomplish.

The first thing which I plan on doing is a little blog refresh. I got in touch with the girl who designed my blog and we have made a few little tweaks. Unfortunately my image quality is a bit low for the changes, so I've shot a lot this weekend and hopefully the change will be happening in the next few days or so with new images.

Which brings me onto my second goal, I have a new Instagram theme and set-up for my photographs. I wanted to take them on a proper camera but mine appears to be broken and I can't afford a new one, so the phone it still is. But I think the image quality is better and the new filter makes images crisper. I hope my followers like it too :)

My third goal is to try and upload some IGTV videos this year, and play around with that sort of content. So if you have anything you want to see, let me know!

My fourth goal is to upload something to Wattpadd at least once a week.

My last goal is to read more things that I've been putting off! Books that seem too big to invest myself into, that are so hyped I've been putting them off through fear of disappointment, and reads I'm not sure  I will really enjoy but feel like I have to read before I die.

My current list is:
Wuthering Heights
The Goldfinch
Words of Radiance
The Tommyknockers
Throne of Glass
The Hobbit

Are there any books you keep putting off reading for whatever dumb reason?

C x


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