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Book Review: The Return by Rachel Harrison

Hello Readers & Friends,

Hope you're all enjoying 2020 so far. Book 2 already!
So for full disclosure, I read and received this book proof from Hodder which is where I work, so I did not pay for it but nor was I gifted. That said, all opinions are 100% truthful as always!

This book was described as 'Sex and the City meets The Shining,' and reviews had come in saying it was 'treading the line between horror and thriller', which sounded right up my street. I was really excited to tuck into it and I fell in love with the beautiful neon pink sprayed edges as well.

So to summarise, the story follows four best friends, Carrie, Miranda, Sam- no, I'm just kidding. But there are four friends, and one of them, Julie, goes missing whilst out on a hike. Two years pass and they are all heartbroken, but her closest friend, Elise, refuses to give up on her BFF. Then, Julie miraculously turns up again, with no recollection of the last two years.
The girls organise a trip to reunite, booking into a strange, themed hotel in the middle of the woods. But when they meet up, they discover Julie is changed.

This book was extremely unsettling, the anxiety of the main character, Elise, seeping through the pages. It was downright creepy, with descriptions that left goosebumps on your skin and a bad taste at the back of your throat (in the best way).

I really enjoyed the realism of the friendships between the girls, the constant competition and comparisons they're battling through and the ways they all cope with the return of Julie. I loved Elise's relentless loyalty and love for Julie, and the way that the book wraps it up really instills a message of learning to accept loss into the reader.

It was strange, creepy, uncomfortable and, at the end, all quite terrifying. I really enjoyed it, read it very quickly and recommend it to fans of supernatural horrors. 4* from me. I've never read anything quite like it, but will definitely be reaching out for more horrors this year now.

C x


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