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Time For Change

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Hello Readers & Friends,

I'm making quite a drastic rebranding decision. I'm not sure when it will start to roll out, but I wanted to be able to give a heads-up that my content will start to get a little more experimental and different over time.


As you guys all know, I've been fighting an uphill battle with the instagram algorithm as of late. I've lost hundreds of followers and while I know it's not about the numbers, it is disheartening. At best, I've managed to maintain level over a few weeks.
My impression rate has dropped a staggering 85%, with only about 3% of my followers even SEEING my content. Things have to change, or what's the point? The whole reason I started my Bookstagram account was to share things with others, and if they can't see them then I'm just sharing with myself!

I want to create content people care about, that people want to see but that still feels like me. I'm bored scrolling down my feed and seeing the same books and the same set-ups and I'm just as guilty as everyone else of following the trends because they work. But how many times do you want to see Queen of Nothing in a pretty flatlay?

I feel that we Bookstagrammers have all fallen into the trap of doing what we know works, oversaturating the feed with the same style of image and boring our followers? Perhaps this is me speculating, but it's difficult to stand out when everything looks so similar on the ol' Explore page.

I want to do something different, but still be all about the books and YA.


I'll still be doing my flatlays, because I love them. Just not every day. I'm going to try and share more of what I love with you all. Jewellery and old buildings and lipstick stains on coffee cups - all with a healthy dose of books in the shot too, of course.

I've made a moodboard of what I want my feed to emulate (above), but all my shots will involve books somehow. I don't want the overarching theme to get lost, so the only rule I am setting myself is every single image will feature a book! And the captions will probably get longer as I speak about what I'm reading in more depth. My blog will continue on as is, but you may notice a different style of imagery and perhaps more lifestyle posts popping up.

I hope you stick along with me on this crazy journey, as all I want is for you to enjoy what I'm creating!

C x


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