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Travel Log: Bristol

Hello Readers & Friends,

Today I'm sharing some peeks into my trip to Bristol. Steven and I had the most lovely time in Bristol, and we went Thursday-Saturday which was nice as it was a little quieter on the Thursday and Friday.

 We stayed at the Hotel Du Vin, which was honestly one of the nicest places I had ever stayed. It was in a great location, right in the middle of the centre so everywhere was walkable and we were lucky to get a Winter Deal which got us a superior room and free breakfasts for our stay. The breakfast menu was amazing, with a buffer and hot breakfast option. The salmon and scrambled eggs was great and our room was huge and gorgeous, with a deep green roll-top bath which we spent some time in on the Friday with a bottle of Prosecco. 
We also meandered around the stores a lot, and one of the ones I wanted to visit specifically was Beware of the Leopard Books, which sat in the indoor marketplace. I didn't actually find anything in there but there were tons of options, particularly for non fiction and it had that great, authentic old-book-smell I love.  

We also went to the Bristol Museum. I'm so glad we went on the Friday morning as it was dead quiet. I imagine on a Saturday it would be crammed with screaming children, so it was really peaceful. I loved the taxidermy floor, I love seeing animals up-close like that. (The Horniman museum in London is great for this!) and Steven loved the art floor. This killed a few hours and we both really enjoyed it.  
 I spent a while in Bloom & Curll, another second-hand book store though I noticed the prices weren't second-hand cheap as you'd expect. I think I paid a fiver for one of them! But it was a very darling and cosy store and it was a nice atmosphere to browse in. I'm sure if you had more time (or were tall enough to see the higher shelves!) you could find some great gems. 
A couple of other things we did:
  • Went to The Apple which was a boat on the canal all lit up by fairy lights with great cider options and cheap drink deals
  • Killed many hours in Chance & Counters, a boardgame bar. They have over 900 games and the guy serving us was so great, showing us the best 2-player ones and running through the rules with us quickly and clearly so we didn't waste time reading the complicated manuals. We honestly had so much fun discovering new games, drinking wine and enjoying some of the sliders and side dishes they offer. The mini burgers were great.

 My favourite thing we did was going to Smoke & Mirrors on the Thursday night and watching Mark Bennett's comedy magic show. He was absolutely hilarious, and the magic was amazing. It was all close-up illusion work and Mark is just a great entertainer. Steven and I even got dragged up on stage to help him with something which was somewhat mortifying but it makes a good story. 
(Unrelated: How cute are these little illustrated dog breed playing cards I found in the market?!)

The rest of our time was spent trying out coffee shops, wandering the cobbled streets, and bar-crawling. it was the perfect relaxing break away and I think two nights was the perfect amount of time to get everything done. 

As for my book haul, I picked up a beautiful vintage edition of Tom Sawyer, The Book Thief (Obviously I already have this but needed this other edition I found because it's one of my favourites), The Rosie Project, Diary of a Bookseller and a very old Jane Austen novel which I will probably use more as a prop. That one was picked up for pennies at an Oxfam, so I don't feel so guilty about using it for vanity shots rather than actual reading!

Have you been to Bristol? Did you visit any of the places we did? 

Love, C x 


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