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January Favourites

 Hello Readers & Friends,

I've decided to start doing monthly round-up posts. I've seen these being done everywhere (Chapter 92 inspired this particular post) and never thought I did enough in a month for it to be worth sharing, but I figured I'd give it a go anyway and see how far we get. It's a nice way for me to share more about myself with you all as well as recommendations. So, here we go.

So, these have been my favourites for this month.

January book roundup:

As I average one book per week, I had a very strong week for reading! I got through 6.5 books this month!

  • 1x book submission which I cannot yet name from work! (Annoying as it's an entire book and doesn't count on GoodReads.)
  • The Return by Rachel Harrison
  • Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
  • Children of Vengeance and Virtue by Tomi Adeyumi
  • My Mother the Psychopath by Olivia Rayne
  • The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley
  • A book that will remain anonymous, which I DNF at 50%. 


  You, Season 2 - Netflix

This month Steven and I made our way through the second season of You, which follows a disturbed, crazy guy who kills all his girlfriends. I loved Season One, and if I'm honest I kind of wished they ended it there. Most of this season was good, very tension-building and creepy, but for me the ending really fell flat and kind of annoyed me. But I loved it until the very end, so it still makes my favourites list. We meet a lot of complex and interesting new characters, such as Forty and Will Beddleheim (someone give him a side show) which keeps things different from Season One. And, as before, Penn Badgley does an incredible job portraying Joe Goldberg. Although I still stand by the theory that You is just Dan Humphrey's story after the end of Gossip Girl.


  The Green Book - Amazon Prime

This was our hungover, New Year's Day film. It's based on a true story which I loved, and the two main characters are both hilarious in their own ways. It's a sad story about the racism of the deep south with light humour ran through it, which stops it from getting too upsetting. I would compare it a little in it's tones to one of my all-time favourite films, The Blind Side. They are similar in the way they cover true stories, societal problems in America, tragic character struggles with light humour and lovable characters.

  The Joker - Online 

I never thought anyone would be able to top Heath Ledger's portrayal of the joker, but Phoenix did it. This is the most amazing performance I've seen from an actor in a really long time. This whole film was heartbreakingly sad. I could hardly bear some of the scenes that the main character, Arthur, goes through. It covered issues in America to do with class systems and mental health illness, and was very upsetting. I can't believe any critic wouldn't give this film all the stars it deserves. Arguments that it promotes violence and paints the mentally ill in a bad light, for me, are ridiculous. This was a film about a man struggling to be good when the world kept breaking him down until all that was left was the bad, and I found it unnervingly relatable. Plus, the cinematography is incredible. But really, I just recommend everyone watch it for Joaquin Phoenix's masterful performance.

Fashion & Beauty

Wedding Shoes

I bought some shoes for my hen do and think they're so cute. I'll be wearing these with mom jeans. I love them, and may even wear them for a portion of my wedding if they survive the hen night out!


Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

I loved delving back into the world of the Shadowhunters, and this was my first 5-star read of the year. I have written a full review which you can check out here.


I have a weird taste in music. Generally, I don't seem to like anything in the charts. I hate RnB and I don't like modern hip hop either. I love classic rock, acoustic covers, EDM, 90s hip hop, 80s rock, 2000s punk indie... basically anything outdated!

This month two songs were played on repeat. I rediscovered Fell in Love with a Girl by The White Stripes in an old playlist, which I had gone quite a while without listening to! Forgot what a banger it was, so this was played a few times.

You can always tell my mood by what music I'm listening to, and I had quite a few 'lows' this month. Towards the end I found myself really struggling mentally with my depression, and found that even Slipknot wasn't heavy enough to channel my energy into, so I turned to my EDM playlist and had New Noise by Steve Aokie on repeat, which seemed to be the only thing able to calm me down!

Fell in Love With a Girl by The White Stripes
New Noise Steve Aokie
Killing In The Name

Hope your January was good!

Love, C x


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