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Books For Isolation - ALL MY 5* READS

Hello Readers & Friends,

We are in this weird time right now where we are all stuck indoors and while some people may be reading more than ever, some people (like me) may be struggling to feel the motivation to do anything. Even picking a book seems like a huge chore. So I have put together a huge list of **nearly**  all the books I have rated 5 stars on Goodreads (that are currently out) to share with you all, so you can maybe download them on Kindle and find something to get you through this time. (I haven't included Harry Potter because, well, it goes without saying.)

So, without any more delay, these are all my top-rated GoodReads books.

YA Fantasy

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments Book 1)

One Line Summary: A mortal girl discovers she is part angel, and is thrust into the world of Shadowhunters.
Favourite Quote: 'The boy never cried again, and he never forgot what he'd learned: that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed.'
Personal Note: Don't base any opinions of this on the crappy tv show.

The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air)

One Line Summary: A mortal girl living in Faerie struggles through the deceptions and trickery of the fey to try to find a place in court. 
Favourite Quote: 'Faeries make up for their inability to lie with a panoply of deceptions and cruelties. Twisted words, pranks, omissions, riddles, scandals, not to mention their revenges upon one another for ancient, half-remembered slights. Storms are less fickle than they are, seas less capricious.'
Personal Note: The best modern depiction of fairy folk, in my opinion. 

The Six of Crows Duology: Six of Crows / Crooked Kingdom
One Line Summary: A mismatched gang of criminals and oddballs are brought together and paid to perform a break-in into the world's most guarded prison. 
Favourite Quote: 'No mourners, no funerals.'
Personal Note: My all-time favourite. Bardugo is a mastermind of flawed and lovable characters. 

Dystopia / Sci Fi

Noughts & Crosses: Book 1 (Part1 of Noughts & Crosses Trilogy) by Blackman. Malorie ( 2006 ) Paperback

One Line Summary: Historical race is turned on its head in a world where those with dark skin are privileged and whites are oppressed. Whites begin to fight back, and a young couple find themselves caught amidst it all. 
Favourite Quote: 'The higher you climb, the further you have to fall.'
Personal Note: Now on BBC as an adaption! I've only started it, but enjoying so far. 

Chaos Walking Boxed Set

One Line Summary: In a world where everybody's thoughts can be heard and there are no women, one boy and his dog are on the run after discovering a dark secret their hometown has been hiding from them...
Favourite Quote: 'Todd??' 
Personal Note: A magical way of writing that brings all the emotions you didn't know you had to surface, with barely any words at all. 
One Line Summary: Civilisation lives in a huge tower, controlled by AI, Scipio. Everyone is ranked in numbers related to their positive thoughts, and when Lianna drops to a Three and is forced treatment, she makes a horrifying discovery about what is happening to Ones. And she has no idea how to stop it. 
Favourite Quote: 'Death or blind obedience? I wasn't sure there was a difference.'
Personal Note: I wish they would make this series into a film.

The Gender Game

One Line Summary: A world where you were either on Matrus, where women rule, or Patrus, where men rule. And one woman is sent to live in Patrus in an undercover mission, and discovers more than she bargained for.
Favourite Quote: 'Self-reliance means you're in control. Don't ever think you need a man for happiness.'
Personal Note: If you read this one before The Girl Who Dared to Think you'll enjoy The Girl series more, as the worlds overlap.

The Hunger Games Trilogy

One Line Summary: The USA is split into 12 districts, and every district must offer up two children to fight to the death in the annual Hunger Games. 
Favourite Quote: 'May the odds be ever in your favour.'
Personal Note: Film is great, too. 

One Line Summary: Everyone is escaping reality and living in the AI world, Oasis. When the founder dies, he hides an easter egg within the game, and whoever finds it wins all his life work and riches. But evil corporations want to find it first...
Favourite Quote: 'People who live in glass houses should shut the f*ck up.'
Personal Note: The master of modern sci-fi. Filled with amazing 80s references.

Divergent (Divergent, Book 1) (Divergent Trilogy)

One Line Summary: In a world where you have to fit into a set faction, or find yourself factionless and left to die, one girl with a test result of 'divergent' must find a way to hide her secret and blend into her new faction - or face the consequences. 
Favourite Quote: 'Fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up.'
Personal Note: It's possible I prefer the film to the book, but both are great. 

Books That Will Stay With You


One Line Summary: We follow two teenagers from middle-class Britain who run away and find themselves hooked on heroin.
Favourite Quote: 'It was a love story. Me, Gemma, and junk.'
Personal Note: Utterly controversial for its time, and still shocking now. I think its US title is Smack.

A Little Life: Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2015

One Line Summary: The story of four friends from teenagers through to old-age, as we try to discover what is wrong with quiet Jude and how their stories intertwine.
Favourite Quote: 'Friendship, companionship: it so often defied logic, so often eluded the deserving, so often settled itself on the odd, the bad, the peculiar, the damaged.'
Personal Note: This book will break you.

Animal Farm: A Fairy Story (Penguin Modern Classics)

One Line Summary: The animals take over a farm, kicking out the farmer, and begin running things their own way.. a strange political satire. 
Favourite Quote: 'All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.'
Personal Note: This ending is everything.


One Line Summary: A pedophile is on the run with his stepdaughter, Lolita. 
Favourite Quote: 'Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta. She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always Lolita.'
Personal Note: Obviously a controversial one, but the writing is everything. I mean, just look at that quote.

Forbidden (Definitions)

One Line Summary: Another controversial one, about a brother and sister who fall in love.
Favourite Quote: 'You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel.'
Personal Note: I read this ten years ago and it's still stuck with me! It's not very well known, so I always recommend it. 

Crime and Thriller

Sharp Objects: A major HBO & Sky Atlantic Limited Series starring Amy Adams, from the director of BIG LITTLE LIES, Jean-Marc Vallée

One Line Summary: Fresh from a psychiatric hospital, a reporter is sent back to her hometown to work on the case of two young girls, murdered. 
Favourite Quote: 'The face you give tells the world how to treat you.'
One Line Summary: A group of old school friends reuniting in a Scottish cabin are all suspects when one of them is found dead...and old secrets keep on surfacing.
Favourite Quote: 'Some people, given just the right amount of pressure, taken out of their usual, comfortable environments, don't need much encouragement at all to become monsters.'

Modern Classics

One Line Summary: A little girl and her family hide a jewish man in their basement during Nazi Germany. The story is told with Death as the narrator.
Favourite Quote: 'One was a book thief, the other stole the sky.'
Personal Note: I cried like a baby at the end. The characters were wonderful in this story.

The Hate U Give

The Hate u Give by Angie Thomas

One Line Summary: A teenage girl witnesses her black friend shot and killed by white police in an act of brutality and murder. Set in the USA and very relevant for today, will she find the courage to speak out? 

Favourite Quote: 'Once upon a time there was a hazel-eyed boy with dimples. I called him Khalil. The world called him a thug.'

Personal Note: Also a film! Though I've not watched it

One Line Summary: A woman ends up in a motel for the night, but manager Norman Bates is not as normal as he may seem.

Favourite Quote: 'We're all not quite as sane as we pretend to be.'

Non Fiction

One Line Summary: The King of wordsmithery and storytelling shares part-memoir, part-writing guide.
Favourite Quote: 'Books are a uniquely portable magic.'
Personal Note: The book that made me want to write! 

Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations

One Line Summary: The hilarious memoirs of the forever-anguished Buzzfeed writer on the difficulties of being an adult.
Favourite Quote: '"Is everything all right in there?" (A question that someone only asks when everything is not all right in there.)'
Personal Note: I just love this guy.

Everything I Know About Love

One Line Summary: The hilarious memoirs about the triumphs and trials of finding love, by journalist Dolly.
Favourite Quote: 'The Death of Hackney tastes like a sort of fizzy Marmite and smells like a urinary tract infection and is yours for £13 a bottle. Enjoy.'
Personal Note: I am using parts of this in my wedding!  Very relatable for any Londonites in particular.

YA Romance

Looking For Alaska: Read the multi-million bestselling smash-hit behind the TV series

One Line Summary: A coming-of-age story about a group of friends at boarding school in Southern America.
Favourite Quote: 'Y'all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die.'

Starry Eyes

One Line Summary: A girl gets stuck out in the woods with her ex-best friend. A cosy romance.
Favourite Quote: 'Lennon is the moon: often dark and hidden, but closer than any star. Always there.'

It Only Happens in the Movies

One Line Summary: A girl falls in love with a boy at the cinema, and begin making a zombie film together. But love isn't as it is in the movies...
Favourite Quote: 'It was immediately obvious that Harry had hints of f*ckboy about him.'
Personal Note: I have a full review of this book available here :) 

Chick Lit

The Undomestic Goddess
One Line Summary: A high-flying lawyer makes a career-ending mistake and runs away, only to find herself working as a housekeeper for a rich couple. 
Favourite Quote: 'My life has changed, and I'm changing with it.'

Can You Keep A Secret?
One Line Summary: A girl having a freakout during a plane accident tells the man sitting next to her every single secret and admission she has. When he turns up in her life unexpectedly later, she wonders how long he will keep her secrets.
Favourite Quote: 'Is it such a disaster for people to know the truth about you?'


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