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Shortlisted: Book Blogger of the Year 2020

Hello Readers & Friends,

I'm very excited to be able to announce that I was shortlisted for Book Blogger of the Year! I wasn't able to share this news sooner and then the cancellation of the London Book Fair due to coronavirus meant that I wasn't sure what was happening, but I got the final press announcement today!

The winner was the lovely Julia from Julias Bookcase, and I do recommend going to check her blog out - it's different to mine in that she travels around wonderful bookshops so there's lots of great travel imagery there to enjoy!

And the only other shortlister was Bluebird Reviews, who focuses on children's book reviews. 

This has come at a great time for me, as I have been feeling quite down-trodden and unmotivated for my instagram account. 
I started this blog off-handedly, not expecting any industry notice and am very touched and proud that it has grown into something people enjoy! I hope you will all share in my excitement about this!

C x


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