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Book Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass

Hello Readers & Friends,

I finally read Throne of Glass. I kept putting it off because with books that are over-hyped, I have this certain expectation for them, and if they don't meet it I'm more disappointed than usual.

I had a very up and down journey with this book, but overall by the end I was happy to give it 4 stars.

So let me start at the beginning (the best place to start). The first 100 pages were basically just everyone thinking how hot everyone else is. Assassin is captured? She's hot. Guard taking her away? He's hot. Everyone was too hot to handle and it was all they talked about and I was immensely disappointed. After hoping for a female Kaz Brekker character, I felt let down. The thing with a book this hyped is that you expect it to be as great as your other five-star reads, and at this point I felt like I was reading The Selection (which, to be fair, I loved, but I read that because I wanted a trashy read. For this, I wanted a really epic story with amazing characters.)

They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but you do. When I pick up books like The Selection, it's because I want trash and romance and predictable nonsense. When I pick up a book like Throne of Glass, I want excitement and tension and unbelievable character arcs. So yeah, I was feeling pretty angry at the start.

Then the twists came.

I love how the main storyline focuses on this weird jumble of criminals and fighters having to compete against each other. Anything Hunger Games-y is a win for me. But then Mass begins threading through secondary storylines, unsolved murders and strange dreams and all sorts of side-plots which keep you excited because there's not just one reveal you're waiting for, but two or three!

Once I was halfway through, I was hooked. Celaena's character finally came to be the feisty, strong woman I had been waiting for the first 200 pages. Once this happened, I was hooked, reading late into the night to finish. I found the ending really satisfying, and I love how it was kind of a love triangle without being an annoying, cliche, Casssandra-Clare type love triangle. (For the record, I'm team Chaol.)

I'm really excited to see where this series goes and have bought the second book. I've got a fun game for the second book which I will be vlogging for you guys - every time they use the word 'assassin' or mention how hot someone is, I'll be drinking. Because these were my only two real gripes with the writing. 'The assassin sat to dinner.'

Anyway, I really enjoyed the concept of the book and am hoping for better world-building and more of an introduction to the magic system in the second book. Here's hoping I'm not disappointed!

Love, C


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