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DIY Resin Bookmark

Hello Readers & Friends,

I wasn't going to upload this video because I'm such an amateur and I had no clue what I was doing, but many of you really wanted to see the process on Instagram so here we go!

I used
- this resin set
- Dried flowers from Etsy (but now it's summer you can dry your own!)
- Bookmark moulds from Wish

and as we established, things I do in the video that I do NOT recommend:

- Not wearing gloves! Wear some gloves and hide your jewellery.
- Using a ceramic bowl - use something plastic that you don't mind ruining and that will be easier to clean.

And for the process:

1. Mix the two resin parts 50/50, (I think this should be done by weight and not by amount but I didn't have scales, another problem and probably why mine isn't as hard as it could be...)
2. Fill halfway up the mould (make sure your moulds are clean from dust!)
3. Drop your flowers in and arrange as desired (you can use tweezers for this, too!)
4. Fill the mould to the top, catching your flowers between the two layers
5. Leave to harden overnight and carefully remove from the mould! :)

Will you try?

Love, C x


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