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March Favourites

 Hello Readers & Friends,

March already! And what a weird, strange and depressing month. It's been difficult for many people as the UK went into lockdown and our daily routines shifted dramatically. At a time when I should be reading more than ever with so many spare hours in the day, I've felt unmotivated, anxious and found it difficult to read much of anything at all, whilst my TV viewing has gone up!
Keeping positive with the wedding on the line has been difficult as well, but I'm hoping this will all be over soon. I hope you are all doing okay as well!

March Book Roundup:

Less books than last month, to be expected as it's a shorter month!
  • Lola Rose by Jacqueline Wilson (re-read)
  • Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
  •  No One is Too Small to Make a Difference by Greta Thunberg
  • The Girl who Dared to Think by Bella Forrest
  • Audiobook: The Goldfinch by Donna Tart - DNF! See why here. 


American Horror Story - Roanoake - Netflix

I really enjoyed this season of American Horror Story after getting through the Hotel season like tar. It was fast-paced, classic and old-school horror, filled with gore, jumpy screamy bits and those classic broken AHS characters. This season follows a documentary format, where two main characters are retelling their story which is reenacted by characters. The story has the stereotypical spooky old house in the middle of nowhere, and it's haunted by The Butcher, leader of the Roanoke Cult who slaughter anyone who is on their land during a blood moon.
The second part of the seasons hows the actors from the documentary returning to the house during blood moon for a reality show. Needless to say, pretty much everyone dies a gory death. Oh, and there are weird hillbillies involved as well, because rednecks in southern USA always feature in horror.

American Horror Story - Cult - Netflix

Of all seasons, this one freaked me out the most. My stomach was in constant knots watching, I felt so uncomfortable and tight-chested, probably because it's more realistic than the others. It also did that recurring AHS thing where the protagonist gets so close to escaping several times, only to have it snatched away at the last moment so you always feel on edge.
This story is set in America during the Trump v Hilary election, and just after Trump has won we see the rise of a women-hating, fear-mongering cult led by Kai. (The best performance I've ever seen from Evan Peters and Sarah Pauline, by the way.) Playing on people's individual fears, Kai begins to amass a following and run for office, with many, many, gruesome and grisly deaths along the way.

Tiger King - Netflix

I have never in my life watched something with such bizarre characters in my entire life! What was meant to be a documentary into private exotic animal zoos in America quickly becomes a documentary on the absolute weirdos who run these zoos, and the politics between them. It ends in an attempted murder and there are multiple strange crimes and framings along the way. Of course, the frontman of the show is the zany Joe Exotic, a narcissistic gun-toting gay man who has two young, drug-addict husbands and believes himself to be the Tiger King. He begins a long-standing campaign of hate against a woman called Carol Baskin, who wants his zoo closed and is an animal rights advocate. Oh, and Carol supposedly killed her millionaire husband and fed him to her own tigers. Yeah, it's crazy. I can't even begin to explain what happens, you have to just trust me and watch it.


The Parent Trap, The Mighty Ducks - Disney +

Like many other people, the start of isolation marked the download of Disney+ for our house. I'm so glad we did it! I started off with my two all-time Disney favourites, The Parent Trap and The Mighty Ducks. I don't even have to write anything here, I assume you've all seen these and if you're too young and missed the boat, I can't recommend them enough!


My favourite book this month was The Girl who Dared to Think, but I have a full review on this coming very soon, so stay tuned! 


Memory by Sugarcult.

I haven't listened to anything particularly more than anything else this month, so I'll just share something I listened to and enjoyed. I was thinking about my schooldays and this is a song which really is associated with being young and at school. I used it in a compilation video I made when I was about 14 which is long lost, but I can still remember some of the clips with this song playing in the background, so it's really nostalgic for me.

How have you been coping with isolation? I've been writing a lot and trying to find new creative outlets. (Without much success so far but stay tuned!)


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