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Book Review & Vlog: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Mass

Hello Readers & Friends,

Today I am reviewing Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Mass. I also vlogged this experience and drank every time she gushed about how handsome somebody was, so there's that.

If you read my review on Book 1, Throne of Glass, then this will be a similar sound. The first hundred pages are just absolute garbage spewing how attractive everyone and their mum is, and then the 300 after that are amazing, filled with grit, pizzaz and a twisting plot that keeps you on your toes.

Every chapter ends on a cliffhanger that makes it hard to put down. Celeana is so badass and ruthless and complex, more so in this book than the first, which makes her really relatable.
Dorian became a bit of beige suede in this book and I was a bit neither here nor there with him, but am sure that with the revelations behind his character that he will have a big part to play as the series continues.

Chaol continues on with the same steady comfort that he brought to book one. Whilst there were less clear goals throughout this storyline than in the first book (things got a bit muddled for me), by the end most of the character's motives were clear. I think one thing I would like to have a better grip on is the geography and politics of this world, but I have to assume that the third book will have a lot of this.

Also as a side point: I hated Mort. What an annoying waste of a character! All he does is be unhelpful and irritating. If I was Celeana I would have ripped him off the door!

But anyway, I gave it 3.5 stars, 4 on GoodReads. The first 100 page get 2 stars, the last 300 get 4 stars.

What did you think of this series?
C x


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