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Book Review: Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare

Hello Readers & Friends,

Today I have a big of a bleh book review.
I actually am super disappointed.
Cassandra Clare's books make me feel a lot of emotions. There's been no question up until now that I love her twisty plotlines and amazing writing. Sometimes I love her characters, sometimes I hate them, but either way her writing has always made me feel something.

My favourite is The Mortal Instruments series, because I loved Clary and Jace. The Infernal Devices wasn't any less good, but I hated Will and Tessa, so I didn't enjoy the book as much. But I've always been aware that it was a personal disliking of the characters and their decisions that made that book a dud for me, not the writing or anything else. When I heard there was a new series coming out, I was so excited that I bought the Fairyloot collector's edition.

The book is stunning, really beautiful. But unfortunately for me, it was such a dissapointment!

The plot was okay - not as great as all her previous books which always had interesting side-plots happening. This book was centred around a single storyline, to do with mysterious demons coming and killing during daylight. The problem is that we didn't really have an emotional connection to anybody who was hurt by these demons, making it more of an intriguing mystery than an emotional must-find-out-what's-happening-to-save-our-beloved-characters adventure.

There were too many main characters, and all of them sounded exactly the same as each other. There was no distinguishing Thomas from James or any of the other boys, and there were about 200 side-characters which were difficult to keep up with. There was no steamy romance, two luke-warm romances that I personally couldn't have cared less about.

All in all, the thing that made it the most disappointing was that the book made me feel nothing. I rated it 3 stars, because I feel like I'll have completely forgotten it in 6 months and nothing of interest really happened in it!

I have a ranty vlog review video here:

What did you think? Am I on my own on this one?

C x


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