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Writing Playlist & Sudio Headphones

Hello Readers & Friends,

Today I'm sharing a playlist I've made!
The reason for this blog post is that I was kindly contacted by Sudio and asked if I wanted to try out some of their headphones. I am strangely anti-apple, and so haven't been able to jump on the earpods trend, so I was excited to be able to test out an alternative.

I went for the TOLV model in black, because I liked the little rose gold detailing. I liked the white as well, but didn't want them to get grubby! They connected really easily with Bluetooth and I've used them so many times now without having to recharge yet - so far so good!

I get anxiety about walking around with headphones on, I know it's weird but I have to know what's happening around me at all times! So I don't walk around with them in, but I have braved up and used them on some runs and it's really been great. At first they kept popping out so I messaged the guys over at Sudio who suggested I try out one of the different size caps - your headphones come with lots of different size buds to try. I found a size that fits and now they're snug and comfortable and don't fall out for the whole run.

I've also found using them in the house useful. While Steven and I are both working from home and taking breaks at different times, it means I can listen to music or watch a TV show while he takes a call without me causing background noise, and I honestly don't even notice they're in. I also have my conch and tragus pierced in my left ear and it STILL doesn't fall out, which I really thought would happen.

Anyway, the lovely people at Sudio gave me a code: CALLIE2020 which you can use if you decide to treat yourself to a pair for 15% off. I'm tempted by the over-the-head pairs as well, as I love having big headphones. We'll see... Maybe I'll take the plunge!

So in the spirit of listening to music, I thought I'd share a relaxing acoustic playlist which I've been listening to while I read and write.

Let me know what you listen to when you're relaxing!

C x

*This is not a paid advertorial. I was kindly gifted the headphones but all opinions are my own! 


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